Calif lawn needs lots of help & so do I

vsingApril 23, 2014

Where to begin? I've lived in this house for over 25 years and it was pretty good for most of those years, but the gopher population in our area (inland area of California central coast - zone 9) exploded about 4 years ago and my once lovely yard has been devastated. I've succeeded in keeping them out of my flower garden with Sweeney's solar stakes, but with an acre of lawn to care for, I haven't been able to cover the lawn with them. Add to that the intrusion of burr clover, bare spots after cutting down trees to install solar, and some sort of weed grass and my poor lawn is a mess.

Now that I've retired, I'd like to get it back into shape. So here's my question: What do I do first? Kill weeds, fertilize, or overseed? I've sprayed a part of the lawn with Weed-B-Gone to get rid of the burr clover (it's the only thing that works), but I'm now in a quandary as to whether I should spray the rest or try to fertilize, maybe with weed & feed? I'm 60 and in reasonably good health, but I am the only one available to do the work. If anyone has a plan of action, I'd really appreciate it.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Need to know where you live? Are you on the sea breeze side of the hills? or on the other side of the hills. Go ahead and name the town.

What kind of grass do you have?
Is shade an issue (trees or buildings)?
How often do you water and for how long?
How often do you mow and how high/low?
When were the last two times you fertilized?

Can you post a picture of the lawn from a distance, say across the street?

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