Professional Line Trimmer Tip

texas-weed(7A)April 17, 2012

Guys that I would share some pro tips with respect to line trimmers. The first tip is a secret I will share with you not many know about and will make life a lot easier on you and the job go much faster.

1. STORE YOUR TRIMMER LINE SPOOL IN A BUCKET OF WATER and leave it there. When done with a trimming job clean out the unused line and get rid of it. Replace with wet line just before you trim. Wet line that is hydrated is less brittle and will do a battery job with less line use.

Top 3 Trimmer Lines

1. Echo CrossFire The Echo CrossFire can be found at Home Depot, starts at 0.080" Pros find it all around tough and long lasting, with a good, clean cut.

2. Husqvarna Titanium Force The Husqvarna Titanium Force, which can be found at Amazon, starts at 0.080". Pros find it is tough, precise, and does not abrade much. A new line by Husqvarna, the Husqvarna XP Force is a 2-layer line with slick skin and bendable core - it starts at 0.095" but expensive and very rough on delicate items like siding and tree bark.

3. Stihl Premium Round: Stihl Premium ranges from .065", while the Commercial starts at .095". Stihl also makes a Quiet Line (.080" and .095") The Stihl round line gets kudos for being a fairly long lasting line which is good to use in delicate environments where damage should be avoided. This should probable be most of your picks because it is fairly gentle on siding, tree bark, etc... A real plus for homeowners.

Regardless of line choice keep the line STORED IN WATER. You will thank me later when you try it.

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beacivil1(8a/8b NW Austin, Tx)

Great tip! I have trouble with my line breaking a lot so I'll have to give this a try.

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Perhaps a dumb question but if you are discarding unused line after each use aren't you negating the benefits of line saved using wet line?

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Pop the spool of the trimmer and drop it in a bucket of water.

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Mofo2713(North Dallas 7B)

Wouldn't the spring and metal eye holes rust after a short while if you just throw the spool with the line on it in there?

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