Blank Wall with Old Stuff

nanagrandma(9 SouthWest, Calif)July 10, 2010

My DH cleaned up this area and there it was a blank wall to fill up, so I went around looking for stuff I already had to put on wall, I am not finished yet! I also moved my totems there, I kinda of like them all in one place!

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I like the idea of having a totem garden, and just tucking in a plant or 2. hahaha I think it has come down to that for a lot of us

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Plants? Ya mean real ones that I have to water and weed? NAH! I like my plate ones better!
Boy, that sicle looks dangerous! :-D

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Love your wall! Cute smiling sun & butterflies are so neat. Totems look fine there, could put in some succulents & would be almost carefree!Jan

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Um.... aren't you supposed to break up that plate for a mosaic pot?? HA!

Looks good. But I do think a plant or too might fill out the bed. I like Jan's idea of some succulents. Though I do see somethng trying to grow.

You have some very interesting pieces in your totems. Very nice variety there.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I love the idea of a totem garden. What impact! I've sometimes thought I should have all my plate flowers in one spot, where you walk around a bush or something and suddenly there they are. Seeing your totem garden I may have to try that.

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