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tinfoilhatJuly 14, 2013

WeâÂÂve just had 39 straight days of triple digits with some days reaching 113-114F. The heat got to me and turned me to the dark side, filling my head with thoughts of world domination.
With an army of a thousand minions I could rule the world!
Unfortunately trying to find teeny-tiny combat boots stalled production and thenâ¦â¦â¦ my wife found out.
IâÂÂve replaced his ray gun with a hoe and his army helmet with a hard hat and my prototype is now a garden helper.
WeâÂÂve been banished to the backyard and ordered not to drink anything stronger than Sangria wine mixed with 7-Up over ice. Lots of ice.

Made with Freon tank, muffler pipe, and water pipe. The lens are plexiglas from a display cabinet sliding door.

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Adorable!! I could use about a dozen of those fellas in my garden. I need all the help that I can get. TYFS Jlily

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so stink in cute!!!!!!!

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Love It !

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So cute & so clean & neat! He looks eager to get started! Your wife should be pleased!! Nice work! We've just had a few 100 degree days & I put up some shade cloth out back so I can stand to go out there. Hope it cools down some for you!! Jan

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Very Cute!

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Oh my!!!!! He is just toooo cute!

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Should have made a couple more helpers.
The heat spell has been broken by what our weathermen like to call our âÂÂSummer Monsoons.â I had 70+ mph winds rip thru here Monday with rain and hail. It took off half the roof and trusses on the trailer next door that I call âÂÂthe lake houseâÂÂ. There is insulation hanging all over trees and bushes. The pond is full of lawn furniture and broken tree limbs. 8â diameter irrigation fertilizer tank took flight and broke a water line that ran all night. Trees are blown down, my big blue roadrunner is still standing but his tail is bent over at a 90 degree angle, heâÂÂs going to need a trip to the vet. Every walk about is full of new found destruction.
Strangest sight so far was a heavy red glass hummingbird feeder that normally hangs from a hook under a tree limb. It had swung around and was sitting upside down on top of branch still full of hummingbird water.
Mother Nature has given me plenty of new things to do this summer.

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Love the freon tank guy!

Sorry about the destruction.
Mother nature can be cruel as well as beautiful!

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Marlene Kindred

Somehow I missed this post originally...So sorry to hear about the strong winds, rain and hail Tinfoil. I hope that the damage is minimal to you and your creations and that clean up will be quick.

Now, on to your minion...I mean garden helper...he is SO great!! Looks exactly like the little guys in the movie. Would love to have a few dozen of them for real...I could sure use the garden help. Another awesome job!

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sorie6(6b ok.)

Very cute. Hope you followed the rules!!

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I thought of you right away when I heard you were really getting the monsoons over there. Hope you don't have to work all summer repairing the damage. Hail can really make a mess of things along with strong winds. Don't overdo & keep hydrated in this heat!! Jan

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Love your minion! Tho an army of them does sound a little scarey.
Sorry you had such terrible winds and rain. Its luckly you are so handy and creative. Still it must be awfully discouraging.
Our town here in NH had bad wash outs just a little earlier in the month. Some people had to be moved from their homes due to mudslides. The streets were like rivers. We were lucky just some water in the basement tho water rushed down our driveway like a waterfall.
Hope the weather is better now everywhere and we go on to a more normal summer season.

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