neuton corless lawn mower

wewcmw01January 30, 2007

Any opinions on this battery powered (24-Volt) lawn mower.

I am looking at this for a 6/10's acre lawn (flat), considering purchasing a spare battery so I can do the entire lawn in one session.

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My opinion is this mower is light duty for the size lawn you have.

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A battery mower for a lot over half an acre? That's a tall order, no matter where you're cutting grass. Unless you have a huge house, triple wide driveway, tons of landscaping, a garden, in-ground pool and tennis court, I'd be very leery of cutting that much grass with any battery mower.

Keep in mind that the cut width on the Neuton is only about 13". By the time you finish, you'll have to start all over again.

Of course, if you truly do have very little grass to cut, then you may be OK. But I know I have about one third of an acre, and with a 21" mower, it still takes me an hour to get around. Not to mention in late spring when the grass is really growing!

Well, good luck with your decision.


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Right now I have a Black and Decker cordless 24 volt lawnmower. Problem there is the battery is sealed, so I can only cut for about 45 minutes to an hour, which gets me about 2/3's done before battery starts to die.

With the neuton's battery being removable, and can insert a replacement, I figured I could do the whole thing all at once in about 1.5 hours.

I do not mind the extra time as long as I can avoid enriching the already too wealthy oil executives, and save the environment in some small way.

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So you want to enrich the electrical utilities, railroads, and coal companies and let them do the major polluting?

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"...and save the environment in some small way."

And those batteries are really environmentally friendly when tossed into the landfill!

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I'm not familiar w/ mower in question, but I love my 24v B&D. I modified the electrical a little, so that I can choose either 12v or 24v mowing w/ just a flip of a switch. Where the grass is thin or short I use 12v, much quieter and more batt effecient. I charge using a 2-4-6 amp Vector 3 stage. Mower 4 yrs old, orig batts still good.

Under normal mowing 1/3 acre, I do it in 2 stages, w/ a charge inbetween.

I also use a 12/24v edger, which I converted from a 2 hp B&S blade edger,.....using all parts from a salvaged B&D 24v mower. I also use a 12v B&D weed eater. I'm a battery/cordless freak ! :))

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I bought a Neuton last summer. It does work quite well, and although I bought a second battery, I have always been able to cut my lawn (a typical suburban) with one charge. Negatives: the under deck area clogs easily if the grass is even slightly damp and the latch broke on the door over the battery compartment (decorative only) so the door keeps flopping up. Also, the cutting width is much less than you might be used to. I honestly can't say if I would do it again since the Neuton is very high priced compared to a gas mower of similar capabilities (it is much easier to start though!).

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fran_always(z6 PA)

I bought a Neuton 2 years ago. No looking back. I love it. Since I am a woman, I appreciate the light weight so I can lift it easily, and the ease of use. It is quiet, no fumes. I recharge the battery in the house. It's been a pleasure to use. I have about 1/3 acre yard.

They are on sale until tomorrow. When I bought it, there was a 6-month return-it-if-you-don't-like-it, no questions asked, which helped me decide.

Maybe you could call them to see how long 2 batteries would go. Good luck.

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I had my neuton lawn mower for 2 years now and I have no problems or complains. Though I don't like the edging part of it. I bought another hand cordless electric "worx gt" for edging. Overall, I like it much. Light weight, quieter, easy start and no gas/pollution smell. What's amazing is I can talk on my cellphone or talk with my neighbor while mowing. Try that with a gas lawn mower. Really it's not a perfect mower but it does work for my average size lawn. I would recommend it, especaiily if you have a st. augustine grass lawn because it can cut to 3.5 inch cut height.

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Hello all happy Neuton mower owners.

I have three serious questions about the Neuton mower.
Is the Neuton mower a self propelled mower?
Should the Neuton mower battery be "drained/discharged" of all energy or remain on a "trickle" charge during the winter storage season?
Can a new Neuton mower be purchased at a lower price during the Christmas season?

Thanks for any information.

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I believe it is not self-propelled but it is light weight. Which means it is easy to push ( you can push it with one hand)
Batteries are suppose to be charged when stored within 2 to 3 months. It has to be fully charged everytime before use. The manual suggest not to fully drain the battery when using it as it will shorten the life of the battery.
They lower the price last winter ($20 less) and offer accessories to go with it and free shipping. When you decide to buy, ask for the latest model EM5.1. Goodluck

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I just bought the Neuton this season and so far am very happy with it. I have a small yard (20 minutes to mow) so it is perfect for the job. I agree that the mower width is smaller than traditional mowers, but the positives of not having to buy gas or oil, less noise for the neighbors and no fumes are a good trade-off. It is not self propelled but is very lightweight and easy to handle. I give it a thumbs up.

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Hello all.

Thanks for the information and the thumbs up on the Neuton cordless mower. I will lookup the Neuton EM5.1 model.

Thanks again.

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Just bought my neuton. SO far I'm undecided. I have just over 1/3 acre lot with St. Augustine grass. Here in South Florida, you can hear it grow now! Just mowed about half of the back yard - mowed it last Saturday, and boy I had it on 2nd highest level and it was tough going. The grass is so tall that it just floods the cutting deck and the side blower gets clogged up and the grass stays inside the deck. Last Saturday it took me more than 2.5 hours to cut front and back.

When the grass is not too tall, like at the front of my house, it works like a charm, but at the back, its almost too much for it.

The small cutting width is a real bummer for me. My neighour does his whole backyard in half the time it takes me.

I hate the fumes and noise though and I just fired my lawn service because they let the grass grow too long inbetween cuttings and they don't do anything else and charged me $90 per month.

So now I'm deciding whether to take neuton up on their 6month trial and return it. I figure for $538 (which is what it cost with the premium accessory package) I could probably buy a real good gas powered/self propelled mower ?

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blip01(7, NJ)

Karel, get the Black & Decker cordless mower instead.

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karel, I think leaving the grass grow really high makes it hard to mow. the first thing is, don't let your grass grow too high. now, unless you don't mind the loud noise, smell of gas, maintainance, and the heavy weight, gas mower is a very good option for you. just think about it. no lawn mower is perfect but you go with the one that works best for you. black and decker cordless lawn mower has a wider cutting width but the problem is charging the battery since it is lock to the unit unlike the neuton which is detachable, meaning you can replace it with your spare battery and continue mowing. anyways, you have lots of thinking to do, weigh in the pros and the cons so you won't waste money.

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My 21 inch gas mower has finally died. I'm considering the Neuton CE 6.2 19 inch as a replacement. Have about 1/3 of an acre in Michigan. Any one have any experience with the Neuton 6.2? Mulching is a must for me and some of the comments on the smaller and less powerful Neuton cause me some concern.

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joann23456(New England, US)

This is my second season with the Neuton (the cheaper, less-powerful one). I bought it both for the environmental benefits and because it's light and easy to use.

I love this mower. My lawn takes less than an hour to mow, even with the smaller cutting width of the Neuton, so the smaller cutting width didn't matter to me.

Like the poster above, I love that it's lightweight, ridiculously easy to start, and easy to push.

I haven't had any problems at all with the Neuton, even when the grass is a bit overgrown or damp. Though because it's so much easier to use, I don't mind mowing more often.

Speaking of tbe environmental impact, I understand it costs about 15-20 cents to charge the battery. And I know they're burning fossil fuels to get the energy I use to recharge, but they're doing it a lot more efficiently than is done on thousands of individual mowers, and there's some regulation as to fumes. And if you're going to compare the effect of throwing out one battery every 5-7 years to the gallons of gas and oil used in the gas mower, you should also compare the environmental impact of the mowers themselves. The Neuton is almost entirely recycleable, and easily so. I could tear it apart pretty easily andput almost everything in curbside recycling.

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Don't rule out the old-school reel mowers when choosing an environmentally friendly mower! I bought a Scotts Classic, 20 inch cut, cuts up to 3 inches high, does great! Just dont let your grass get too high..I'm cutting a tad over a quarter acre with mine, and its not as bad as you think...they've come a long way from the old ones from years ago.That said...I still love my Lawn-boy 10550, but as long as gas is nearly 4 bucks a gallon, she is going to sit in the barn.

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I certainly understand about the price of gas. Likely cheaper to get a goat. I've been thinking about a reel mower rather than an electric. Does your reel mower give an even cut?

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I also have a 20" scots reel mower ( and a 10424). I use the gas mower in the spring and the reel when the grass doesn't grow soo fast. I really like my scotts mower it's very clean and quite. The only "big money" that makes money off my scotts are the farmers and butchers that keep the steaks coming :)

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yep! farmers, butchers, and anheiser-busch! I cheated a bit today when I cut the grass...I was having withdrawals from the fumes from the 10550...sure was nice to hear the old girl run!

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Any updates on the newer models? I am contemplating going cordless this year.

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Here's one that might be built by Neuton:

Worx 24v cordless lawn mower, click on the link below:

Here is a link that might be useful: Worx 24v Cordless Mower

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I'm interested in a good cordless mower since I have recently installed a home solar power system that generates more electricity then I use.

I think the Neuton mowers are the lightest but they aren't cheap and have a fairly narrow cutting path and are not self propelled.

I have a gas powered Toro that is still running well so I think I will wait to see if the battery powered group improves to a more acceptable cutting width, self propelled, and longer run times. I'm taking the same approach to an electric car. I'm sure they will get better and I can afford to wait.

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OK, I'm lousy at waiting. I ordered a refurbished Neuton CE6 this morning. They have a sale running through June 4th on this mower for 349.00 so I decided to give it a try. I also ordered the accessory package that is on sale also for 179.95. This will give me an extra battery and charger, blade, sharpener, and the string trimming attachment.

We all need a new toy once in a while and this one will truly be running on sunshine so the crowd that gripes about the power plant smoke can't have their way with me as this one will be humming along on solar generated power! LOL

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purchased a neuton in all 2008 , it has piece by piece fallen apart, i am so sadden by this as at first it was quiet,easy to push and worked well.... I am writing the company as we speak to see if they stand by their product,, i purchaed a 2yr warranty and of course its the 3yr,however i started having issues the 3yr and they started sending me new parts due to some recall issues... my go green got up and went and it was not cheap in 2008,,,prices have come down since...

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