Oh Boy.. what did I do

mag9977April 22, 2012

I bought a new house last year and this year the back yard had hundreds of dandilions. I spent 6 hours today pulling each one out got the root in 70% of the time, I sprayed each hole with weed b gone. Now look at part of the lawn! Did I do the right thing? What would be My next step overseed, if so when? Still have some more work to do

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You missed 3. Get back out there!

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

You sprayed the holes where the dandelions were????? Why?????

Weed-B-Gone is a foliar spray, not a soil drench. All you have to do is lightly mist the leaves of the plant. If any gets on the soil at all, you used too much. Applying directly to the soil is a waste of herbicide and possibly worse. What you are seeing could be an effect of drenching the soil with the WBG.

Now is not the time to overseed. I'd do my best to revive what you have and nurse it through until fall when you can overseed properly.

Where do you live?

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Really? Crap. last year when I sprayed it obviously did not help. So I wanted to get rid of them forever. When I told the Scott's lady at Home Depot what I wanted to do, she sold me the weed be gone. I had no idea that my lawn would end up being so bare! You'd think the "expert" would know?

I live in Seattle

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Seattle? You should have mentioned that first thing. You are lucky in that the predominant turf grass for your area is ryegrass. Ryegrass has the characteristic of sprouting very quickly, so if you wanted to reseed, you could still get away with it. Also, since you live in Seattle, the summer heat might not kill the new grass. In the rest of the country you have to throw in that warning but not necessarily in the PNW. So I rescind my comment that now is not the time to reseed. For you and you alone, go for it.

But still I would be trying to revive the lawn you have. Unless it is really dead, and you should know by now, I would water it deeply and apply an organic fertilizer like alfalfa pellets (rabbit chow). Watch it carefully for signs of getting worse. I If you are able to get an inch of water on it now I would not water again for 2-3 weeks unless you were sure the grass was suffering from drying out.

Generally the lawn experts do not work at Home Depot. Those are the shelf stocking experts who might have had minimal training about the products they stock. We used to have an expert here at GardenWeb from Vancouver. I learned a lot from her back in 2001 and 2002. When the organic gardening history books are written, Althea should get the credit for bringing used coffee grounds as an organic fertilizer to the attention of the forums. That revelation was vital to the understanding of the modern organic gardening movement as we move out of the Rodale era. Aaaaand that's your history lesson for the day. I think I got that right. Good luck with your lawn!

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Ah, I know how you feel. I had a crabgrass pulling craze last fall, and had much the same experience. Crabgrass gone, and lots of bare soil spots in its place. At the time, I had almost wondered if crabgrass would have been preferable, since at least it is green! But in your case with dandelions I don't blame you one bit for wanting those out of there.

I had a lot of luck with Scott's Easy Seed, but I don't know if they make it for your type of grass... It is not technically organic, but it worked wonders for me after my incident.

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>Crap. last year when I sprayed it obviously did not help.

Spray once every 2 weeks until the dandelions are all dead. Just spraying once and hoping for the best doesn't work! Some will die the first application, and some won't. Then use pre-emergent the next spring to keep their babies from coming back. Anything that does manage to sprout after the pre-emergent wears off, you can rip the flowers off of and his with wee-b-gone again, or if it's still pretty bad, just hit the whole lawn. Soon, you'll only get a few a year.

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