Killing Grass on Purpose

madakatude(Z6 NY)April 1, 2014

Hi All....I'm getting a fenced in yard in another week or so. On the other side of my fence is my neighbors driveway. The fence will not be on the property line and I will have room to go on the other side for fence maintenance. I don't mind doing that but there will be sizable strip of grass on that side. I don't want to do that! Then I have to clean up the mess on his driveway and it will be awkward getting over there on my ride on. I don't have a push. I'd rather kill there grass there and FAST. My sometimes landscaper has something he uses that kills grass but he told me if he uses it plants will never grow there again. Of course he won't tell me what it is. Do anyone know what this stuff is or have any other suggestions .

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There are products that will leave you with bare ground for a while, but not forever. Sooner or later you will have a strip full of annual weeds next to your fence, and annual weeds typically grow pretty fast which means more mowing for you. Maintaining turfgrass will be less work than a patch of weeds. Turfgrass is easier to control than weeds and less mowing. Turfgrass will control runoff so soil does not wash away from around your fence posts and turfgrass will keep mud from splashing up on to your fence,

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madakatude(Z6 NY)

Good points! Never thought about mud and less soil over time.


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