Reseed or sod

imsmilngApril 3, 2014

Renovating has done a number on our front lawn. Trucks have used the yard has a parking lot for 3 months and the grass is thin and I have a mudslide when it rains. Contractor first indicated she would resod it but now she is suggesting reseeding. Which would be better?

Thanks :)

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Sod of course, at a cost and also looks much better, much quicker but as i said it is expensive. Especially at this time of the year, reseeding isn't recommended as weeds also begin to germinate. Seeding is best done in fall, Sodding can be done almost any time of the year as it won't allow weeds to germinate since it blocks the sunlight when its placed on top of the ground. Seeding at this time also isn't good as seedlings don't develop a complex root structure to battle the harsh summer.

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What kind of grass we talking about? Bermuda time is coming up soon but seeded Bermuda is not the best. Then again depends on want you want it to look like and time you will spend on it

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