Tru-cut 25" Clutch Adjustments

diamondiconsJanuary 26, 2013

Just did some work on my 25" Tru-cut reel mower. Don't believe I have the clutches adjusted correctly. First, the reel turns without being fully engaged. Second, the mower takes off like I'm on a drag strip. Someone posted at one time they had the maintenance manual that addressed clutch adjustment. Any help would be greatly appreciated...both Tru-cut retailers in my area have closed shop, so I'm attempting to figure this out on my own. Thanks!

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Sounds like you've got the clutches adjusted too tight. First of all there is no single step way to adjust. Rather, you loosen, adjust, tighten jam nut, and retest. Repeat as needed. It's an incremental process.

First, I assume you have a 1" thin wrench and a 1" regular wrench to loosen/tighten the jam nut. I use a ground down 15/16 x 1". $50 for a Snappy and $30+ for Armstrong is simply too expensive.

Second, you want to adjust the reel clutch so that you can get over the detent so that stays engaged. As I said it sounds like you're too tight.

Third, Once you're satisfied with the reel, go to the wheel clutch. There are two ways of adjusting. Some people like to adjust similar to the reel, so that you go past the detent to engage the wheels. You then pull back on the rod to disengage that clutch. Others (myself included) prefer to adjust tighter, so that wheels engage before the detent, and you keep slight steady pressure with your thumb to engage reel. Releasing your thumb should cause clutch to release.

Four, there should be a hairpin spring between the wheel drive rod and the wheel drive lever. This helps to disengage the clutch. Tru-Cut part number is 11245.

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Thanks for the insight. Your right...matter of going back and forth to get it exactly right. I'm close. Thanks again.

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Thanks for your assistance. Finally got it adjusted the way it needs to be.

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