Finally got a succulent wreath planted

tennesseetrash(7 east tenn)July 10, 2009

I used the garden netting that was discussed on an earlier thread with a screen door planted in succulents. Also used a lot of wire to keep everything in place as it takes root.

Had a blast doing it, one of those projects that you're loving so much you won't stop to eat or anything :-)

Gonna be looking for more grapevine wreaths at yard sales. Only paid 50 cents for this one, and it had a bonus bowl in the bottom front area.

All of these succulents & moss are winter hardy and I plan to leave it outdoors all year long.

This time (I failed once at this already) I am going to leave it in a laying position for the first few months, as that Lowes article suggests.

I will post more pics as it evolves. ~tenderlee

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Wow, great job. I like the wreath with the planter basket, very nice. Where did you get it?


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sorie6(6b ok.)

That is very clever. Lucky you to be able to keep it outside all year around. Not in Colo. I do have hen and chicks that live all year round outside.
You did a great job. I'm wondering where you got the wreath too. Thanks

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Good job! That'll look awesome when you hang it up!!!! Don't forget to post so we can all be drooling envious later!!!lol!

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WOW, tennessee...that is just AWESOME!!! Ya did great, girl! This one will be a WINNER for ya! Never saw a grapevine wreath like that one either! Great 50 cent buy! TFS pics! Jeanne S.

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It's beautiful, can't imagine what it will look like all filled it, like 1 of those decorator things from fancy nursery!!Love the wreath planter!! Jan

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That turned out wonderful. I love it. Succulents seem to hate me as much as flowers do. I thought anyone could grow Hens and Chics...HA. Not me.

hugs and wee bit envious,

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Most succulents hate me too!
Most plants I can do. I have wanted to have
one of these wreaths since the '60s when I
saw one in Sunset Magazine when we were
stationed in Seattle. I still have the page
in my folder! Just always knew I
couldn't get one to live.
Yours is lovely!

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Marlene Kindred

How pretty!!! Love the way it turned out...what a great job! Looks like it would take a lot of patience to make, but the result is awesome!

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Your wreath is absolutely LOVELY!!!! You did well on that! The basket at the bottom is perfect too! I know, sometimes you find things like that and never ever again. An OOAK for sure (one of a kind)!

So, you'll keep in lying down until next spring? Where will you put it? on the front door? Looks so fairyish and gnomish!

Love, Jules

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I LOVE IT ........ Im admiring it and also your talent.

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Looks great! I've always thought I would like to do that, but I only have so much time...darn it. I've got to get this glassware cluttering my floor glued together.

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Oh, that is sooo pretty! In my climate it would not survive winter. TFS I'm drooling.

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MS TN- You are a "Garden Queen" if you can put something together that magnificent. I have a hope that I will be half as confident as you, and try it some day. Just gorgeous.

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tennesseetrash(7 east tenn)

So glad y'all like it, I appreciate all the feedback.

If you really want to see a beautiful creation .... check this one out designed by Lowe's Creative Ideas for Home and Garden, click the link below. It gives good instructions how to do one too. Helped me to get it right this time, hopefully. Give it a try if possible, even if it has to stay indoors in the winter.

I'm gonna be tweeking my wreath, got a few more hardy succulents today, and will update with another pic later. Not much time to visit here right now, just wanted to give y'all this link to the Lowe's trellis. I'm hoping to eventually do one similar to it.

Thanks y'all! ~tenderlee

Here is a link that might be useful: Lowes Trellis Succulent Moss Garden Project

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That's a lovely wreath. I'm planning to make one with my granddaughter next weekend. I have a few questions about how to prepare.

How large is your wreath? How many bags of spaghem did it take? (No one ever tells you that.) Were the sempervivums/hens and chicks in your wreath rooted or callused cuttings? Some suggest anchoring your plants with pins. Did you do that or just poke holes and nudge soil into contact with your plant material? About how long do you think it took for your wreath to fill in?

If anyone else reading this thread has made one and can offer some tips, I'd love to hear more. I hope our effort is half as beautiful as yours.

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tennesseetrash(7 east tenn)

Thank you,Fleur. Sorry to be slow to respond, hope it wasn't this past weekend that you needed help:-)
The hardest part is waiting to hang it. Best to keep it flat for the first few months. The first wreath I made failed, and I think this was the reason why, I hung it vertically the entire time, it got too dry and fell apart. Flat is best at first!
I packed dirt and moss down into the grapevines, and wrapped it with sheets of green moss. I wrapped nylon garden netting around all that, then used thin copper wire as needed to keep things in place.
The plant material I used was all "robbed" from other containers that same day, so it was done on a creative whim suddenly.
Some spots need to be filled in, but otherwise, it's doing pretty good for just shy of 1 year old now. More pics later when I add some more plants to it.
I couldn't get this link to post via Photobucket. Has this process changed? I haven't posted a pic in several months. It wouldn't take the HTML, so here's the photobucket page link. Maybe it'll work ~tenderlee

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