Noisey Murray 3hp 20" snowblower

skane1(3)January 6, 2014

Just wondering if these little plastic snowblowers are suppose to be noisey when you operate them and I am refering to the auger assembly.Just sounds bad.
Thanks Shawn.

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Yes, I would say they are noisy. You have rubber paddles slapping against an auger housing at high speed. Did you check the side bearings for play?

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I have noticed that snowblowers with rubber paddles make more noise than our Ariens, which has a steel auger. But the rubber paddles do a better job of getting all of the snow up, leaving the sidewalk practically bare. Our snowblower leaves about 1/4 inch of snow so I have to get out the shovel and finish the job if I want the sidewalk to be really clean.

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I have had 2 and both paddle wise were not noisy. One of them the paddles were hitting the ground because the sides were rusted\broken down. This ended up ruining the paddles thus didnt throw very well.
Have someone engage the paddle and u go around to find where the real noise is coming from.
Maybe a paddle bearing is bad or something...

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Thanks guys for your invaluable advice.I have done some careful study of this unit in operation and found that the noise is comming from the discharge chute.Seem to be vibrating and causing the noise I heard.
Thanks again

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