Too much thatch

05on20s(Zone 7)April 17, 2011

Good evening. Well I became a home owner back in Sept. First time dealing with a lawn and I think I may have messed up. So I used an aerator and overseeded my lawn. Well my grass in the front yard is looking cool but my back yard is having a problem. The grass is Tall Fescuse in the Clinton area. I am trying to post pics not having any success.

I decided today to do some light raking in those areas without trying to rake up the new grass. Do you think I will need to lay down some more grass seed to get my lawn looking healthy?

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

What is your objective? Hold the dust down? Nice looking lawn? Best looking lawn? Any kind of seeding you do now will be subject to high summer heat and water stress. Chances are that seed planted in April will be dead grass in July.

There is a problem with just seeding with fescue. Fescue grows in little clumps. It is called a bunch grass. Kentucky bluegrass grows and fills empty space like a moving carpet. It is called a sod forming grass. Many people mix the two grasses for the various benefits of each one. Since you planted fescue you will only have one little grass plant for each grass seed. If you want it to become more dense without adding KBG, then you need more grass plants (and seeds).

Now is not the time to seed for the reason mentioned above. An alternative is to lay sod, but that gets expensive very quickly. If you can wait and maybe tolerate some weeds this season, then the late summer to fall is the time to renovate. I would try to sit on my hands and read all I could here and elsewhere about caring for lawns. Then when the summer heat breaks, spring for some good seed and get to renovating. Folks here can help you with that.

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05on20s(Zone 7)

Ok cool I will take your advice. Funny thing is I just had my deck power washed and a section of my grass in the back yard became really REALLY WET and muddy so I am guessing no grass will be growing that section. I guess in the fall I will plant a mix of of Fescuse and KBG so that next spring I will be able to have a nice looking lawn.

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