keep snapper or trade for toro?

andyb1January 22, 2010

thinking spring should i keep my snapper or trade it for an sr4,i like the build of the snapper but can't it to cut as well as i would like i tried an sr4 excellent cut but does'nt seem as well made as the snapper, any thoughts?thanks.

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I bought a Snapper Hi-vac riding lawn mower, back in 1983! Aside from a newer engine, several deck drive belts, a new drive wheel, and some TLC. it still runs well, and i use it every summer, and bag leaves in the Fall. Try that with yer Craftsman, Toro mowers, or any other machine. Guess it'll last until i go fer my last reward!

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It's tough to beat the SR4 in both quality of construction or quality of cut.

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so do you think the toro will last as long as a snapper with good maintenance?

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Ahem:: Somebody asked what my last reward will be!
Some interpret it as the day you meet God, after yer demise! Nobody ever came back to say what that reward will be, so i'm not worried about it.
I think the saying came from long ago, way back in the history of our country.
I'll check with some of my country friends--they may have some idea of how the saying came to be.
by: Rusty Jones

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Rusty , Your a Peach lol !

Andy: It appears to be a 50/50 proposition :).

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anthonyg_ma(z5 MA)

The decision may also be influenced by your mowing preference - bag or mulch. My SR4 does an outstanding job when mulching my lawn, that's what it was born & bred to do. It _can_ bag, it's not great at bagging, but that's not why I purchased it, so I do not consider that to be a weakness. I've never used a Snapper, but from everything I've read, they are outstanding at bagging. If I were going to bag my lawn instead, I would probably consider purchasing a Snapper.

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I mulch all summer ,mulch and bag in the your sr4 holding up well , are the wheels and hubs still tight, i have seen 2 year old sr4 where the wheels and hubs are very loose and worn,on the other hand i have a 25 year old snapper that still is nice an sturdy. thanks andy

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I've got a heavily used Snapper rear bagger. Recently, I've been going through wheels and other odd bits to keep it repaired. Previously, it's had its engine replaced.

The Snapper is a heavy, rugged mower, but lately I've been spending a lot on parts for this 20-something y/o mower. I'll keep it, probably replace the engine again if this one ever goes bad. I've had other mowers go through my hands while I've owned this mower, two Sears Craftsman, an Ace/MTD, and I've kept the old Snapper because I think it's more durable.

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