What happen to my lawn?

pbx2_gwApril 22, 2014

My neighbors' grass are all lush & healthy but mine has patches of yellow right smack in the middle of the grass.

Grass is greener & a bit healthier by beds & hardscape.

I believe the grass is a mixed of KBG & Fescue.
We have a lawn service that we used last year with fine results.
Same lawn service sprayed fertilizer & pre-emergent since end of February.
The lawn was a perfect green & lush entering this past November & though we had a rough winter like every1 else...we were expecting to be like our neighbors coming into spring (all have same service).

We did aerating & overseeding in October - watered it straight for 3 weeks. & now this! What could be happening? Disease?

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Hi PBX2,

Different species of grass "wake up" at different times, so there is a chance that your neighbors have different grass on their lawn. This is a pretty common problem that people have when the snow melts and starts to unveil what has been hiding underneath. We actually wrote a blog about this particular topic about a month ago -- check it out to see more reasons why your neighbors might have "greener grass" on the other side :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Common Lawn Problems for the End of Winter

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@ LawnDawg1997 - thanks will take a look.

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