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movinginva(Zone 7)April 12, 2011

I know that this topic has probably been covered a million times, but I need a bit of help. I may be panicking prematurely, but I am very worried about our lawn. When we moved in early fall last year, the lawn was green and beautiful, it of course dried over the winter, and I am worried that it is not growing back like it should. The past homeowner did tell us that he fertilized twice a year, but with everything going on with our move, fertilizing the lawn was neglected. I wonder if that is the reason why the lawn has not fully grown in, or if I am just being impatient. I would hate to know that we somehow managed to mess up such a beautiful lawn. Should I relax and let it be, or is there something I should be doing right now in order to remedy the problem? I am in Southeastern Virginia, and I will admit, it has not rained a whole lot as yet this spring.

I do not know what kind of grass it is, I do know that the blades are wider and when the grass is growing, it looks very lush. . . . I know, that is not a whole lot to go on. If you need some more information or maybe a picture in order to help some more, just let me know and I will get that tomorrow.


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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

You've narrowed the grass down to 'not fescue,' which would have remained green during the winter.

The fact that you did not fertilize last fall might delay the greening this spring. Just wait it out. When you have mowed the grass for the second time, then you can fertilize. Don't fertilize again until Labor Day or beyond. Then fertilize again several weeks after your first fall app. Most fertilizer should be applied in the fall. That's why the double drop in fall.

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movinginva(Zone 7)

Thanks for the response.

Should I seed it at all and if so, what kind of seed should I get?


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If you could post a picture or two of your lawn, I think you will get a response with more accurate information on how to proceed.

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