hydrostatic transmission husqvarna 1542

steve.weatherlyJanuary 19, 2013

Hi, I bought this unit with 500hrs on clock, I mow 2.5 acres, the first time didn't miss a beat, yesterday however after I got it back home I noticed what I can only describe like a " grinding of gears sound " and I had no forward or reverse. After a little play around I took the back plate off to gain access to the trannie, there seemed to be a lot of grass and debris that I didn't clean away when I bought it. I sprayed a bit of wd40 and manually manipulated what looks like a strut or shock absorber. It seemed to run after that. Is there something more sinister lurking or is this the best approach to fixing it..

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I am trying to remember the function of this little shock on a Husqvarna. Is it in the main linkage? On a common hydro, there is a bypass lever- which of course has to be fully disengaged, the brake arm and the main drive link. Also, if you have the full model # that could be helpful.

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I will look into the model # tonight, its not listed in the manual however...I will repost it later on

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I have the assumption that the shock absorber attaches to the main linkage, but after looking -I didn't see one in the LT Husqvarna I had looked up. Some LTs do however, though I've not ever had to replace one- so i don't know if it would be a Hydrogear part or? I can't say that it would explain the noise either. I have seen worn input pulleys/ fans make that noise. Maybe a clip is off the top of the shaft?

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The model is YTH1542XP BUILT 2004

I'm a bit pressed for time so can't take the cover plate off atm. It may be a dampener of some sort. I need to look up online I think for the tranny.

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I have inspected and I think its a better system than using a spring to return the drive back to neutral. I have sprayed around again and tested the mower, it has a much better responce even just touching the pedals now they actually depress with no effort. I will test it in a couple weeks when next time I need to mow....the part number is
.HYDRO-GEAR #51703. part # C16-22622

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