Recommendations for a Bermuda Seed?

crombold(8)April 22, 2014

I plan on leveling my lawn in a month or so after I know the bermuda is growing strong. When doing so, I am toying with the idea of adding some bermuda seed to the sand to fill in a few thin areas and make my lawn more dense. Does anyone have a recommended bermuda seed? I live in central Texas and my lawn gets full sun. I cut it very short so I want its runners to be below the surface, and preferably a 'softer on the feet' species. Or, am I going the wrong route and it'll do more harm overseeding with a seed species to a bermuda that came sodded?

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I assume that since the lawn was sodded that it would be a hybrid bermuda. Adding a seeded variety to a hybrid bermuda will make the lawn look weedy as the common tends to grow vertically.

Ultimately just follow the bible.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

DO NOT SEED INTO A HYBRID. Was I shouting? I guess so.

Why is the grass thin? There are a total of one reasons for that. Too much shade. Otherwise bermuda grows pretty dense. Is it getting any shade from anywhere? If so adding more seed won't help at all. Is the sprinkler reaching that spot? Or is it overshooting that spot?

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