Heavy Rains after applying Weed & Feed

kgdallasApril 8, 2012

Hi there, I have a concern and was wondering if any of the pros around here could help me. I've been a lurker here forever but rarely post, but I need some serious advice. Yesterday evening at about 6pm or so I put down some Scotts Fertilizer with Weed Control (the yellow bag) and totally forgot to check the forecast until after I applied it to my lawn dampened with sprinklers. Well...sure things today we got some very heavy rainfall and wondering if it washed all my weed & feed away or if I should just reapply after the rain has passed.

I know many of you here aren't fans of weed&feed products or Scotts either for that matter... but I'm on a budget and cannot drive all over town looking for specific products, lots of what I read here might as well be Chinese to me...LOL... so I ask that you please be nice and keep the sarcasm to a minimum. Don't me mean.

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FYI... I live in Little Elm (75068)

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Mofo2713(North Dallas 7B)

Hey KG, can't offer any advice as I'm a newb as well. There will be some nice people to give you a sarcastic free answer I'm sure.

Just thought I would see exactly where you live. I'm off Eldorado and Teel in Frisco.

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Wow Mofo... I'm only 15 minutes away. I'm up off Hwy 380 & 423. Loved all the rain today but worried my W&F went bye bye and I wasted half a bag.

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Mofo2713(North Dallas 7B)

I'm assuming you have an acreage if you're off 423 and 380...?

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Oh no... I'm in one of the new subdivisions up here. Very cooky-cutter!

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Well can we pick on Mofo as a proxy? You two seem to get along great!

Seriously. Haven't we explained weed-n-feed enough? Well, I think I understand what happened. We have over explained it. I digress into techno lawn speek too easily.

I would not apply anything with fertilizer again this soon. Give it 2 weeks and try again.

Lawn care can be a budgetary balancing act. Is your lawn doing okay, except for the weeds?

How often are you watering?
How high do you mow?
What kind of grass do you have (really this is question #1)?

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Yes... I know and have read all about the cons of W&F but I'm not sure what else to do. I live in the burbs with the lawn the size of a postage stamp and all I want it a nice lawn that doesn't break the bank and I don't have to drive all over town looking for specific products that I have no clue how to use... LOL
If there are alternatives I can use that I can find at Home Depot, Lowes or WM.. then I'm all for it. Gas is $4 a gallon and I keep telling myself "It shouldn't be this hard or complicated.
To answer your questions
I haven't even turned on my sprinklers yet as mother nature has taken care of the watering needs so far this season. With TX being TX... I'm sure we'll be in a combo heat/drought wave soon enough and I know not to over water and let the grass tell me when it needs watering.
Right now my mower is set one up from the lowest setting. If I take it down to the lowest setting.. I'll be hitting dirt in some places.
Grass type... I'm assuming it's typical Bermuda... like I said I live in one of the new subdivisons that pop up overnight so I'm sure the builders just put in basic bermuda.

I also wanted to say.. if my posts come off as mean or offensive... that's not my intention. Just getting really frustrated with this lawn thing.
One person says the Scotts 4 step plan... another call it the devil...

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