Is this normal for KGB Lawns in spring?

bsimecekApril 20, 2014

The entire neighborhood has KGB mix lawns and I've noticed that all of them are developing a light brown spotting. I can't find anything online that would be even close to this on the net. One of the laws was professionally scraped, topped and reseeded last fall. Is this normal? Can I prevent it next year?

Thanks for your help.

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Looks like dollar spot. Night time temps consistently 50+ degrees and overcast days encourage disease development. Does not look to severe I wouldn't worry about spraying anything. A half pound of nitrogen per thousand square feet will help the turf grow out of it. If the dollar spot continues to be a problem propiconazole is your best option. Excessive thatch increases dollar spot severity, vertical mowing and aerifying will help lessen the severity going forward.

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Looking up other pictures of dollar spot on google looks about right. It was just amazing that everyone in the neighborhood was hit at the same time and that it's so spread out. I usually do a jan/feb application of nitrogen for early green up and last fall did a core aeration with a dethatching the year before that. Even the neighbor down the street that had a brand spanking new lawn put in this past fall is being hit by it. I'm hoping it doesn't get any worse.
thanks for the help

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