First spring for new lawn, tips?

qwiksilvertrav(4)April 8, 2014

So last summer I tilled and laid all new sod in my back lawn. Did very well and nothing died. In the fall I spread fall fertilizer.
So now it's spring and wondering if anyone can give me some basic care tips to get it strong for summer? One major concern I have is that we have two small dogs that have gone to the bathroom quite a few times over the winter ( to cold for walks). I shoveled some of it best I could. Any special tips considering that?

Anyways, I plan on getting early spring fertiziler for it. I also will give it a light raking to get some of the left over matted leaves loose. What else should I do? Starting to thaw here in MN finally and will be 70 tomorrow with the snow almost gone (but still very very wet). When should I fertilize and do everything else?

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Hi, this is what has worked for me over the last 4 years and im so pleased with my lawn now all because of the help i got here.

1. I would rake the grass to get rid of any matted grass and leaves.
2. Grab some milorganite and put it down before some rain.Im in NJ and put some down last week before some rain and now the grass is starting to get thick and dark green already.
3. Just concentrate on killing any weeds in spring. (Dont bother patching any parts your dog may have messed up, the seedlings will die in summer anyway because of the heat - waste of time and money and the lawn may well fill it in.)
4. Then in summer, water, milorganite.
5. Fall, Dethatch (if needed), Aerate (i use a foot one) and fertilize and overseed/fix patches.

It's really that simple. I tried all the chemical stuff and this is the best plan that works as far as im concerned. Now i have hardly any spring weeds at all, hardly any bugs and hardly any patches, the lawn looks after itself.

good luck!

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Ok just got it all raked and it looks decent although there are some brown spots (probably from the dogs). Hopefully I can get it to be a thick green if I act quickly!
You mentioned the milogranite which is a all purpose fertilizer basically right?
I planned on following Menard's 4 application fertilizer. I did the 4th application (applied in fall to prepare the grass for winter) and now I planned on doing a 1st app early spring which has crabgrass preventer linked here:

I'll follow up with the 2nd which has weed preventer in about a month or so from now. Right around the time stuff starts to germinate.

Think this sounds like a good plan and should my lawn do well?

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Easy Three
1. Proper mowing. Mow at 3-4" (if KB, mow at 2 1/2" until early June, then raise the height for summer). Lower to 2-2 1/2 for the last cut or two before Winter.
2.Proper Watering. Keep the soil moist. use the 1"/week rule as a guide.
3. Proper fertilization. Best guide I've ever come across is linked below. Scroll down to "The Lecture."

Here is a link that might be useful: Philes21 Fertilization Lecture.

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