Best paint for lawnmower deck? Snapper parts?

farmerkevin(USDA 9)February 7, 2014

I was given a snapper commercial hivac lawn mower when I started my lawn business. I was 17 (almost 28 now) and I want to rejuvenate her.

I promised the old man (90's) that I'd take care of her.

Well, business tanked and she's been sitting. The motor was rebuilt when I got her, and she was already spray bombed red and white.

I want to fix her up, and restart my company.

Where do I find parts?

I need:
Gas tank
Self propel pulley (belt slips off)
Wheels. Metal ones. Not plastic.

This mower has to have 1 million miles on her. And she has served me well. I figure if ones like it are going for $200, then I should be able to fix her up for less?

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We use a 2-part quality epoxy for the floors in our plant. Wears like iron. I don't know the brand offhand. It's not from Home Depot.

You can buy new Snapper parts from a regular dealer and possibly on ebay.

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My Snapper Hi-Vac riding lawn mower was bought in 1983! It still runs and mows well. I get my parts at the local dealer's shop. In all of those years, used as the primary mower, i have only replaced the rubber tired drive wheel, and one deck belt. I will admit to installing a newer engine--but-what the hey-they don't last forever, even with regular maintenance! RJ

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I've had really great results with Dupli-Color Engine Enamel. You usually can find the right or 'close enough' color, even 'Grabber Green' for the later Lawn-Boys. They have a red that's probably pretty close to the Snapper red. Find it at auto parts stores or Wal Mart.

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I second the recommendation for high-temp engine enamel. It will resist gas spills, and comes in spray cans, so easy to buy just enough for one job (generally 2 cans). It will dry quick but needs to cure for a week to be durable.

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