which mower can survive winter?

lazymowerFebruary 22, 2011

I was wondering which gasoline self propelled mower is best at surviving winter? In other words, if you let a mower sit idle for winter months, will it still work in spring? I've heard of something called Fresh Fuel Cap Start, a feature available on Snapper lawn mower P21875BV which will keep fuel fresh for up to six months!?

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WOW, Fella---you are asking for miracles! Your question reminds me of the newly-wed bride, who made a pie with no filling, put it in the oven for the required amount of time to bake, brought it out, and just couldn't understand why it had no filling! DUHHH?!?
Might i suggest, in a friendly way, that you go back thru the previous postings, and they will tell you the answer to your questions!
And, if that doesn't work, then load yer machine into yer trunk, or pick-up, and haul it down to the nearest service shop, and let them do what you want.
To answer yer question another way-hardly any of them, without some kind of prep for winter. They ain't like yer car or truck!

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Quit being lazy and do some minor prep for storage. No matter which mower you buy it's gonna need some help from you. At the least, put an ounce of Seafoam in your mower's fuel tank and run it dry before you put it up. You are planning on changing the oil in it once in a while aren't you?

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Pick up a quart of Marvel Mystery Oil and 8 oz of Sta-Bil Marine concentrate (blue liquid). When you fill up your gas can, put in the Sta-Bil and MMO first, then the gas. Use only this gas in your mower, and you don't have to do anything special for winter storage as far as the fuel is concerned. There are a number of other things to do before storage like air filter service, oil change, cleaning, sharpening, general lubing, etc., that will all be in the owner's manual.
Only 1/4 oz. of Sta-Bil is needed for 2 gallons of gas, and 2 oz of MMO. You cannot 'overdose' the mower on either one so a little too much won't hurt anything. I use about 1/2 oz of the Sta-Bil.
Depending on climate conditions expected during the use of the fuel mix, you may use 'mid-grade' gas. I use this because of the hot summers here that result in a lot of 'volatiles' being expelled as vapor when the hot gas can is opened time after time, plus vapor venting from the mower fuel tank. I figure this helps keep the octane rating about where it should be or a little better, which doesn't hurt anything.

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...one of my neighbours has an electric mower from Toro I believe, he does have a small lawn area though. An electric mower ain't as powerful as a gasoline one...

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Where are you letting it sit idle for months? Hopefully not outside under a tarp but inside a garage or basement. Any mower will run for a couple of decades or longer with a little effort. Just drain and replace the oil at the end of a season, drain all gas out of the tank and carb. Also perform any annual maintenance like air filter replacement, blade sharpening, under-deck cleaning and general cleanup and it will be ready to go come spring.

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