POSSE project 1

mmebradyJuly 5, 2010

Yay! I finished one! I have to say, the best of this birdbath had NOTHING to do with my talent or creativity, I lucked into the supercool light fixture at a GS, and the same day at another GS I found the concrete stand. Really, all I did was silicone the glass beads in to plug the hole, and make the bowl slightly less deep, and I spray painted the base to match. It's happily in my hummer bed now!




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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Hi Mmebrady,
Your address didn't work, but I cut it back to your photobucket album address. Is this the birdbath?

Very cool, or should I say hot! I bet your butterflys love it!


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yes, that's the birdbath...I have such trouble posting pix!!! Thanx!!

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Wow! Very vibrant! You did a great job. I love it!

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Wow I love those colors and the BB!!!!!!!!

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WOW...your hummers will LOVE you! What a sparkling BB! Great finds & a great idea! I really love how the red glass looks from the outside of the bowl, too! TFS, your POSSE (Project of Summer Session Extraordinaire)! Jeanne S.

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Nice job, birds won't have any trouble finding that beautiful red BB, that nice base was the perfect find for this project! Jan

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I bet the hummers love you! They'll think it is a giant flower. lol! I love that light fixture. Did the shade actually have the different colors in it? Or is that the glass globs showing through to give it the different colors? Very pretty either way! And great idea adding the glass globs to make it less deep. You did an awesome job matching the red on the base too. Great job!

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the light fixture was red & orange & very swirly. the beads show thru & kind of add to the whole pattern. thx for the compliments !!

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Marlene Kindred

The hummers and butterflies should be flocking to this spot! LOVE the red!! Very nice job and great finds too!

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Stunning! Please keep your camera handy so when the hummers gather round it you can take lots of pics to post for us to see.

I'm very fond of hummers but have only seen them in Sonora Desert Zoo!!! We didn't have hummers where I lived in NY and we don't have hummers down here on Oz. :-(
Feel bad for me yet??? HA!

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WOW what a gorgeous BB

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Holy cow, that is one red hot birdbath. It is one nice piece of eye candy for birds and junkers. Great job!

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