Lawn mower trouble

orr123February 23, 2013

We recently bought a used (2 year old) Troy built self propelled mower. It starts and runs well until we turn it off to empty bag then won't start again. We have no idea what is going on with it. It looks beautiful but...My husband is very handy but still can't find the problem. any ideas

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Please provide additional information. If this is a Briggs & Stratton engine, look for
(1) model
(3) code.

Some of these may have been equipped with the B&S engine with the automatic choke. The choke mechanism is spring loaded to the choked position to start the cold engine. This works well.

Sometimes the choke mechanism is not adjusted properly. When the hot engine is turned off, the choke thermostat is supposed to hold the choke open, but the choke still closes. When you pull the starter cord, you are flooding the engine with excessive fuel. The hot engine does not need the extra fuel. Later - when the engine cools - it starts immediately.

To test this theory, remove the plastic shroud that covers the engine - or in some cases the carburetor. Locate the choke mechanism on top of the carburetor and manually hold the choke open while attempting to start the engine. You may need to remove the air filter to study the operation of this. Once familiar with this, testing this theory should only take about 30 seconds.

If the engine starts, please respond for additional information on adjusting the choke mechanism.

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It is a B&S engine We will try your theory. I'll get back to you Thanks

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