Help with honda hrx426

mark1974February 12, 2014

Hi there I have just got a hrx 426 witch a got cheap I think. I need help as it does not rev when I push the lever but when I do it by hand near the carb it revs good it also surges when ticking over there is no air filter cover so don't know if this is the problem I have checked the cable looks fine also the covenor spring look good I am pretty good with tinkering with engines but this gas stumped me help plz thank you

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The no air filter cover is obviously an open door to increased engine wear- but should affect your RPMs if you can manually rev the engine. By lever, you mean the throttle control I would guess? Does it rev when you engage the blade?

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It is still the same with the blade engaged no revs if I rev it at the carb it revs the governor spring is linked to the throttle but dosnt seem to do much it's not broke so I'm baffled

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Provided that the spring is hooked in the proper hole, rpm adjustment is made by bending the arm to place more tension on the spring. Does that seem what you are looking for?

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