Honda GCV160 Automatic Choke Issue

killerv(Macon)February 25, 2008

I have a Type 4 GCV160 with the automatic choke return. The automatic choke return has worked great until recently. When you start the mower, the choke is supposed to return to the closed position. The past few times I have used it, it has not and I had to manually move it to the closed position. I have been getting some black smoke after starting the mower since this has been happening and so far I think it may be because of the excessive fuel its getting until I can get the choke turned off. Anyway, mower runs fine but I would like some opinions to why my automatic choke return just stopped returning. Thanks for any help.

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Yes the black smoke indicates an over-rich mixture. You need to get it fixed - sounds like a spring broke or slipped off - before the rich mixture causes damage in the cylinder by washing out the oil film. There may be a free fix for this at the Honda dealer IIRC.

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thanks, that's what I was thinking about the black smoke. I called the local shop and they said they have seen this before and have not heard or seen any issues where a problem ever occured afterwards. I can't see where any springs attach to the choke lever so it must be something internal.

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