Need advice on a "walk behind" mower

exmarFebruary 5, 2013

Hi Folks,

Usually hang out at the Tool Shed and Lawn & Garden Tractor forums, but thought I'd run this question by you folks.

Mow 4+ Acres, have a GT, couple of LT's and so forth. I'm getting really tired of hearing the MD tell me I've got to start working out more. I own a farm and keep pretty busy, admittedly, not as physical as I used to be. Also, I've only gained 15 pounds since I was discharged from the marines in '70. OK, then I had a 24" waist, now it's pushing 36"....:-) OK, he's right.

So, Not being the type who can intentionally "work out" thinking of mowing some of the lawn with a push mower-not self propelled. That would provide the motivation to exercise. Problem is, I don't know much about push mowers. I have a 35 year old push mower with a 3HP Briggs I use for trimming, but it wouldn't last long if used to mow an acre or two. The wheels fell off and I replaced them with "cheap" replacement plastic wheels.

Started looking around and noticed that Lowe's has Troy Bilt mowers with Honda engines. I saw one for $249 with the large rear wheels which I would definitely want. This was online so don't know if the wheels are plastic, gauge of the deck or anything like that.

Guess I would start mowing a half acre with the push mower and then increase it to an acre or so, that should provide a good work out. Some of the ground is "rough" and the riders would still be used for that.

What is a "good" push mower in today's market? Oh, I do all my own mechanical, etc. work so that's not an issue.

Thanks for your time,


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The mowers that are sold in most department stores are light duty and will probably not last. Wheels, handle bars, and baffles under the mower deck are not designed for this type of service. The self propelled models are very light duty.

I suggest you visit some of the mower shops. Usually these shops carry mowers that are better quality. Look for a model with ball bearing wheels. Look for handlebars that have additional bracing. The briggs Quantum and the Honda GC engines are inexpensive, but usually hold up ok. Sorry, I don't know if the Chinese engines have a reliable record. The Kawasaki engine is great, but I doubt if you need a premium engine . An expensive engine is just as dead as the cheap engine if you hit a rock. Avoid the models with a lot of control cables. For one acre, a side discharge model would probably work ok.

I was given this information 39 years ago when I was looking for my first mower.

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As recommended on the previous Toolshed Forum the Toro unit with 21 inch cutting swath and large rear wheels and Kolher 6.5 cannnot be beat for the price and performance.

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Maybe you need to get a rider and do the job faster.
With 4 acres you may have a heart attack.
Join a Gym do what they say and meet or see all the young ladies working out.
Hopefully seeing all the young babes won't give you a heart attack
What a way to go.

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Find a good used 21" 3 speed, Mow 3.25 ~3.5 acres with your LT and and easy 1/2 acre for your circulation. Work up from there, Or start off mowing just a 1/2 hr a day.

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