Help with identifying coil for 10301 LB

icefisherFebruary 24, 2014

I need some help! I have a 1994 model 10301 L B silver series that I am about ready to junk. While using it one day it suddenly slowed to a stop. It sounded like it just ran out of gas. I filled it up even though there was a small amount of gas still in the tank. I then pulled the starter rope until my arms fell off! I checked for spark because I had been having problems with moisture in the coil. By the way, I have found that I could place a 60 watt light bulb in close proximity to the coil and cover it with a piece of aluminum foil for about 24 hours. This would typically solve the problem for quite awhile until moisture once again invaded the coil. Anyway, I then pulled the carburetor and cleaned that. The mower refused to start. Next, I checked the compression and found it to be less than stellar. I pulled the engine apart to see if the rings were shot or if the cylinder wall was scored. These appeared to be OK. What I did find is that the seals were toast. Once reassembled the engine has terrific compression. When I tried to start it this time after priming, there was a distinct pop like it wanted to fire. I was pretty excited thinking that the next pull would certainly start the mower. Unfortunately that was not the case. The engine never showed any more signs of life other than the one pop. The only thing I can come up with is that even though I see a spark at the plug, the coil is not up to snuff. In viewing this forum, one contributor commented that LB coils have two modes of operation. in one mode they fire to start and in the second mode they run the engine. Is it possible that the spark I am seeing is from the second mode of operation, and the primary mode is not functional? The numbers on the coil are 684048 24 HS E. When I go on line to try to find a replacement, the coils that are supposed to be replacements do not even remotely look like the one that is in the mower. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for your help. Icefisher

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Sounds like you need to check your flywheel key!!!!

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Good idea above. Yes, the coils went in the soup and now look different.

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Thanks for follow up responses. Can I get clarification on both responses? MantonJohn, If I check the flywheel key, what exactly am I looking for? Missing key?, sheared key? slop or play? Secondly, tomplum Do you mean to say that the coils have been redesigned (in the soup?) and now look different so that the picture that I see when I look at part number 684048 is a usable coil for this mower? Thanks again. Icefisher

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It's possible that you have lost the 'start' mode in the CD ignition that is set for 800 RPM and less. As long as the replacement CD unit fits the mounting holes and is for a L:awn-Boy you should be okay. Set it up with a business card between the unit and the flywheel then remove the card after tightening. Should be about right.
There are some things to watch for on the 'V' engine. They used 'Tri-Round' thread-forming bolts in critical areas, and you need to check all fasteners on the engine at least three times during the cutting season; before, during and after. This includes the tank and air shrouds, the mounting bolts, the muffler cover bolts and the muffler plate bolts under the muffler cover. The stamped-steel muffler cover wears out pretty fast and should be replaced if it rusts out or won't seal.

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Your key is very possibly sheared, due to insufficient torque on the flywheel nut.

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