Dutch Windmill Revamped!

jeannespinesJuly 25, 2010

My DH surprised me 25+ yrs. ago bringing home a red & white Dutch Windmill that had been handmade by a retired man. It has sat in our front yard (over the septic tank spot) forever! It's been repainted over the yrs...original R&W colors & DH practically re-built the whole thing probably 10 yrs ago or so.

Anyway, it needed re-vamped ...so to fit more my current style of rusty, old, antique, & more natural, etc. etc. I painted it a medium brown a couple weeks ago...then DH & I scoured places for "copper"...wow! That was an eye-opener! Very expensive! So after awhile, we decided on buying a roll of "copper flashing" from Menards (enough $$$) & yesterday he cut the pcs & we spent half a day "re-vamping!"

Here it is sitting in our front yard:

And here's a close-up...we put copper on the end of each blade, center square,& a small strip on the back arrow? plus on the roof...we glued & nailed the copper pcs. Boy, does the sunshine ever bounce off that copper! Love it!

DH made some repairs to it & so now it is saved again! I may add a little copper to the 2 windows which are just painted brown now. Calamity's copper on her castle inspired this re-vamping! Thanks, Calamity!

Hope you enjoy! Jeanne S.

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That is very cool!!!

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I like the rustic look of it. It kind of looks like my windmill in Farmville (an online game). lol! What about little pieces of stained glass for the windows? Too bad you couldn't cut them open and put a solar light inside that would glow at night through the windows. It is a beauty though. I like the little walkway around the bottom. TFS!

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Beautiful!! I remember some of those in So. Dak. & I think a large one at a cafe in Minn that we went to couple of times. Copper really jazzes it up!! Jan

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Jeanne, I just had to post a picture of my Farmville windmill so you'd understand why I think yours looks like it. lol Notice my bunny garden with some cyber garden junk.

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nanagrandma(9 SouthWest, Calif)

Jeanne, I just love it and I like the idea of it marking the spot of the septic tank. We had ours marked but now we have to look for exactly where it is so I may be coping your idea of marking it someway.
Luna I play farmville of course my farm is puny compared to yours ask me to be your friend so we can help each other.


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That is a very nice looking windmill! I love the copper trim on it!

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Wow, the revamped windmill turned out great, love the copper. This does suit your style more than the red and white would. It looks wonderful in your peaceful looking green yard.

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Thanks, GJers!

LOL, luna, at your Farmville...wow, that does look a bit like my RL windmill! ...and luv your cyberspace GJ! TFS!
Stained glass would be cool...but I'm not lighting the inside...my little solar lights I have around don't really "light up" much of anything...but give an ambience that I do like...LOL! The copper does reflect from that yard light in the pic at night..which is kind of cool.

DH had moved this Dutch WM for me so I could paint it...so there's no flowers around it right now...in the Spring, my first tulips to bloom are around the base of the WM.

thanks for lookin'. Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

What a great update to your windmill! Love the copper accents! And, boy, do I understand your amazement at the cost of copper....wow!

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Where are those retired people who made the windmills and the whirligigs now....wish I could find them.

I bought recently at Michaels a small replica of this type of windmill in the unfinished wood section for birdhouses...only 3.98!

Is it solar or electric or wind driven the one you have?

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VERY NICE! Good Re-vamp! Gotta Love the copper!!!It's hard to believe that it is 25yrs young!heh heh!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Great remodeling job. Luna I like your Farmville windmill and garden. I'm tempted to go to farmville now.

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Thanks, GJers...when I drove in the driveway today, the sun was just a-shinin' off the roof...I do like it now!

It's wind-driven, socalliegal...DH has to tighten it down sometimes ...as we usually have some wind around here. And I don't know where those retired people have gone...this here retired person likes to make barnwood stuff! LOL! Jeanne S.

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