Did I do it right?

MikeB4May 27, 2014

I have a decent lawn size on a property that I wanted to overseed.. So starting with one area first I picked up a 20# bag of sun & shade mix of Pennington grass seed.. Now the grass was cut not too long ago and the clippings had been bagged, here is my concern where I think I messed up, I used Scotts topsoil while I did use a thatch rake in some areas about the other 80% I did not and I just spread the grass seeds down and began to water.

In another area I put the topsoil over the seeds but did not rake or anything over it.

I guess my question is is it going to be a problem with the seeds that don't have any soil over them?

I don't know how long I should be watering for, at the moment it's set to water I think for 60 min every 6 hours or something like that, but it's expected to rain late afternoon so I can delay when it gets near that time.

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ForsheeMS(Lexington, NC)

You only need to water 3 times per day. First thing in the morning, again at noon, and then again in the evening. Each time it should be light watering so you keep the seed and top layer of soil moist all the time. About 5 to 10 minutes each time should be all you need but could vary a little depending on your sprinklers. Keep an eye on things and if the soil is dry before your next watering you might need to go 4 times per day. A lot of this will also depend on day time temps and humidity so adjust your schedule as needed. Remember, keep it moist and not wet.

A layer of top soil over the seed is not needed and can change the drainage of your property. Most folks here do not recommend it. If you must cover the seed a thin layer of compost or peat moss will work better. All the seeds need is good contact with the soil and a lawn roller works perfect for this to press the seed into the soil.

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that's the only thing I don't have is to press the seeds to the soil, as of right now they are mixed in with the grass which is cut short but I will have to adjust my times, my water timer only allows to water 6 hrs at a time and not less, any less I have to do a manual watering.

I will adjust the time however to 15 min but I may have to do 4 times do to it being in the sun for so many hours.

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