1971 Sears SS-14 B&S Point Gap

candler(WNC)February 28, 2011

Howdy. In searching the Net I read some of your comments about vintage lawn tractors. I thought maybe someone here might help me. I've had this mower since about 1974. It hasn't run for maybe fifteen years. I got it started but am not sure if the points are right. Does anyone know what the gap might be? Thanks, Gene

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.020 Nice tractor!

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Thanks, Tom. I've not yet gotten back to the mower. I'm very bad to jump from one project to another. At times it has taken a year to get back. I don't know if that's typical of we old guys (77) or not. The info you furnished will definitely help. It wasn't sparking at the plug. I removed the points and cleaned the faces with fine sandpaper. I took a guess with the gap and saw a spark. The plug also showed spark. With starting fluid the mower came alive. I've been all over it and have even removed some parts trying to find a serial number. It's a 1971 B&S 14HP single piston motor. Any thoughts. Thanks again. Gene

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The engine will have a serial # stamped in the shroud. The fuel system certainly will need attention. Flush out the tank, new lines, filters and a carb rebuild I'd think. You can get into trouble with those carbs. You may want to take a pic of the links or draw a diagram and have it serviced for you. Below is a great link that I gleaned from another poster on this forum. Enjoy!

Here is a link that might be useful: Vintage sears site

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Thanks for the followup, Tom. I did what you said about the tank. Sure did seem to be a lot of rust flakes flushing out. I'd also put a new gas line and filter on.

I had an second carb from maybe twenty five years ago. Apparently the only reason I replaced it was I lost its Welch Plug. I didn't know what a WP plug was until now. It looks like an thin auto engines freeze plug and covers the hole at an end of the carb base. Well, rather than doing a complete rebuild of the existing carb I installed a new WP and installed the old carb. It worked.

Thanks to you I once again began looking for the serial number. Everyone had convinced me it was stamped on the motor in the vicinity of the engine head. Not for this one. I found a bradded metal plate on the mower frame behind the 1,2,3,R gears. After scrubbing I found 9172560 and they quickly hit on a Google for my mower. Thanks again. Gene

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Hello again. Your .020 was right on the money. Do you happen to know what weight oil it uses and whether it's a high detergent or non detergent? I use to have the manuals but apparently no longer. For the present it's running as smooth and strong as it use to. Not bad for what it's been through. I have the deck but rust has taken its toll. I've still got my plow/hitch, chains, and snow blade. Thanks again. Gene.

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Glad to hear that it is up and purring again. Every once in a while someone will ask me for non detergent oil. Even though when this was new, many would have used non detergent oil- I personally would use the detergent now. Some will say that the new detergent oil may loosen up the old grunge. If the oil blackens in a hurray , change it again.

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Hello, Tom. It's been a month and my SS-14 is still chugging away. I've done little more than previously mentioned other than a gas line and filter. I need to find or make an air filter. My new gas line rubbed against the drive belt so I think I'll replace it with copper. The unit has had a workout. I found it was much easier to pull some 10"-12" logs rather than using my truck. About a week ago my SIL borrowed it. He loaded my SS-14 and my pull cart on my trailer. He's been cutting/relocating firewood that's been at their house. Now he wants to use my plow for a small garden. I think he's really becoming attached to it but I'll bring an end to that in about a week . Thanks again. Gene

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Use SAE 30. Nobody was using non-detergent oil in 1970. That went ount in the '50s.

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