Snapper Vrs Ariens

larrylwill(7)February 20, 2010

Im looking to buy a new Lawn tractor to replace my 42" Murry.

I have narrowed it down to a 52" Snapper LT-100 at $1799 vrs the Ariens 54" at Home Depot. The Ariens cost $100 more at $1899. The Ariens has a Kohler engine and the Snapper has a B&S approx same HP same transmission.

I am looking for opinions.

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I have no first hand experience mowing with either mower. I will share what I do know about the two. The Ariens is an Ariens in name only. Its made by AYP and can be bought as a Sears or Poulan branded product. The Ariens may have some bells and whistles that a Poulan does not but some savings may be had going with the Poulan or a Sears on sale. Also note the Kohler is the new consumer grade engine that most assume is the older Command series which is a premium engine. All I have to say about the Snapper is it obviously has a Murray deck under it. I looked at this mower at Sears and the deck MAY have been a gauge thicker than used on a Murray. Despite the high end names both mowers have in my opinion both are decent consumer grade machines only.

mike merritt

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I was about to buy the Snapper but I was at Home Depot Saturday and they had a 2009 Ariens left it was a 54" with the new Kohler twin engine. It was $1899 with 10% off, I was looking at it and the manager came over and offered it at 15% off which came to $1678 with tax. Same warentee. So I bought it.

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other than deere is there anything thats not an AYP or MTD anymore?

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Toro builds all their own stuff

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Surely that can't be right? I've been told that Toro-branded machines are also made by MTD, Exmark and Hayter.

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