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mrphixit(z5 Wis)February 19, 2006

I have been starting to update my Lawn-Boy site. The old forum had disappeared awhile ago and I haven't gotten around to fixing it until now. i an very sorry of the delay. I have fixed it with a much better forum, but I still think this one is better. If this forum ever goes down though, you guys are welcome to come over to my site. I am also reconstructing my website and i would love to have a bunch of very helpful info on it. Can any of you suggest what i should put on there? Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The site is at fell free to mow on over there.

Please let me know what you think I should have on there and what I shouldn't.


Mr. PhixIt

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lawnmowerdan(ne fla)

great! a lot of us have moved to the tractor form. they let us use a small section for lawnboys there

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mrphixit(z5 Wis)

I want to gather info for my lawnmower site so can I sort of "grill" all of the Lawn-Boy experts here. I am not trying to be mean or anything, I just am not that good of a Lawn-Boy expert yet. But I hope to learn alot more.

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I have on old Lawn Boy roto-tiller mod #LTV-1. It must be 40 years old but will stil run with a little effort. Would this be of any value?

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Say, what's that address on your web site again? I'm having problems with that address that you gave.

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Forget my last thread. Finally got it to work. Web site looks like it's gonna be awhile before it's up and running.
Looks good tho.

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Good deal. That should be interesting reading even for those of us who don't collect mowers. I don't collect 'em but I still get a kick out of seeing an obviously old lawn mower still in use. The engine speeds and sounds can be quite different from modern equipment and very noticable. Sort of like hearing a DC-3 off in the distance.

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i know this an old tread but i just got in my possession two lawnboy service manuals all photos and info on the first lawnboy's to the 80's if you need to no anything i could look it up

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I have a really old antique lawnboy lawn mower that I'm trying to find out what it's worth,it's in really good shape for the age,my phone # is 601-218-7782

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I have three old lawn boy power mowers. I know one dates to the early to mid 1950s (no plastic on it), one is around 1970, and the third is probably from the '70s. I was going to junk them, but......being a collector of old outboard motors, and not liking to see them get scrapped, I got to thinking that, maybe, someone out there collects lawn mowers and would like these. I know the oldest 2 of them run, and the third a neighbor dropped off on me and I never tried to start it - it is not seized up. All need some restoration and TLC, or use for parts.
I'm in Minnesota about 30 miles north of the Minneapolis area about 12 miles north of ELk River. If anyone wants them - come and get them!
Contact me via E-mail at:

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Does anyone out there in e-land have any parts for a model 1116 rototiller? Specifically I need a coil and a starter return spring. Or does anyone know where and how the spark plug wire connects to the coil so I could repair the old coil. The wire was pulled loose and no indication of where or how it was connected. Thanks, Elliot James

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Check out ebay tons of LAWN BOY dealer and promotion lierature brochures poster. never before seen items

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