can't decide between a robot or lithium push mower

spork1February 11, 2013

Hello Everyone,

I have been thinking about purchasing a robot or lithium mower once spring is here. I don't have the exact size of my yard but I can tell you its average and can be mowed in less than hour with a gas push mower. Now I use a corded or reel mower whichever I'm in the mood for.

While I have no interest in owning a gas mower again I'm still looking at some other options. I could have a considerable chunk of the yard mowed once I'm done unwinding a cord etc. The reel mower is great but if any weeds come up faster than the grass they are pushed over.

I was checking out the lawnbott spyder. I like this mower because it does not require a wire and you can bring it back inside to charge. However it would only be useful in my backyard with a fence unless I want to install some kind of boundary out front or have it mow the neighbors yard. Its also cheaper. Maybe a wire boundary mower would be better for me but I don't want the hassle or the extra reliability issues with the power boxes for the wires.

Even if I only used the mower in the backyard it would still be useful however my other concern is that you have to run them 2-3 days a week for them to work well. I'm not sure if this would save me trouble and time over getting out a traditional mower once a week. I have a robot vacuum and it works so well that I wanted something for my yard. My instincts are telling me to go for the lithium push mower because I'm not sure if the robot mower would be as time saving as the vacuums.

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Geez--with problems like that--you'd might as well hire a local guy to mow yer grass once a week, using a gasoline powered mower. that way, by the time you'd get enough similar answers from this site, yer grass wouldn't be over the rain gutters on yer roof! Holy Cow! You make an easy job look hard and expensive! I'd like for you to tell us just what it is about those fancy things you talk about, that makes them any better for lawn mowing!
by: Rusty Jones

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