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meisocal(9)May 13, 2013

I am recently unemployed and finally getting to all the problem areas that get neglected when busy with work.

DH didn't notice that our sprinklers to the back yard was not coming on. This was late last summer when we had a huge heat wave = result was many parts of the 2 yr old Marathon lawn went dead.

Since then, many parts of this yard has been taken over by many different weeds and DH had not been mowing regularly. I have been hand pull the dandelions and various other weeds that I can't name and will continue to do so. I have fixed the sprinkler problem and have been had watering additional on extra hot days for this time of year. I have also fed the lawn for the first time in months and have been moving once very 10 days to allow the grass to grow a little taller before it gets cut. I will try to locate our mulching attachment to the mower and will begin to do that as it is getting warmer and it would help amend the lawn.

The soil conditions are very compact and difficult to aerate. We sit on an old river bed so, water tends to take a long time to absorb, but water tends to be held for a good period of time. This even though we amended and tilled in lots of compost when we put in new sod about 3 yrs ago. I have been reading other posts and will try the shampoo trick once it cools down.

To try to get the conditions of the yard in a better position so that I can re-seed when the fall comes I would love some advice.

BTW - We live in Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Okay so you tilled in lots of compost and you still have hard soil. Hmmm. I'm the lone wolf who says that compost is overrated. You're helping to prove my point.

Shampoo is not a trick. You can buy the same thing for $70 per gallon at specialty nurseries. It was carefully tested and found to work very well. Then it was chemically dissected and determined to be very closely chemically related to shampoo. Why wait for it to cool down?

How often are you watering and for how long? Watering improperly might have been part of your problem in the first place. My mother (in Temecula) watered her Marathon very poorly and my niece (in Hemet) still does. Grass can be very temperamental when you don't water it right. My sister in Riverside doesn't water and has wild bermuda to show for it.

Dead Marathon has to be resodded or seeded. Now is a terrible time to seed, so sod is by far the best choice. Fescues like Marathon do not spread like bermuda does. If you resod, do not rototill. That was a mistake the first time. Don't make it again.

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I will definitely check the watering soon, but it has been over 95 in the last few days which is very unusual for this time of year.

I went to the store today and will do the shampoo treatment in the morning. As for patching in the grass, I will continue to try to eradicate the weeds through the summer and will seed in the fall (budget consideration).

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Also keep an eye on quality of soil, so use different methods using which we can improve the quality of lawn soil like using Fertilizers, pH test, organic fertilizers etc. However most methods will require time, different treatment. As you said that by considering the budget, so soils only need little improvement to create stronger and good quality Turf and which will definitely reduce the your maintenance.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lawn

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