craftsman/honda gcv 160 auto choke failure.

mvronFebruary 25, 2013

Parden me but I thought I should start this over and include everything I can think of in this post. The auto choke is not working. The mower does not have a throttle. Today I moved the choke lever to full choke, when I pulled the control bar (start bar), the auto choke lever moves twords the full run position. No matter what I do, the choke plate on the carb never moves - to full choke or any other position. The carb has been replaced. I use 10w-30 oil. When I get the machine started - with starter fluid - it runs just fine. I assume that I will be taking the recoil starter, and tank off to view the auto choke mechanism. How do I take the tank off? When the start bar is pulled (when starting), at that point the choke lever begins to move to full run - but nothing happens at the choke plate. What should I be looking for when I get full view of the auto choke mechanism? When sitting at idle and moving the choke lever to full choke, the choke plate on the carb never moves. Sorry for the long note. I love my Briggs.

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I don't recall working on the carb of this model before, but you said in your OP that you replaced the carb. Since the choke doesn't work at all, I would look for something that you might have overlooked when you replaced the carb.

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It didn;'t work before the new carb either - but that surely is a option. If I can find a schematic or diagram of that I will proceed with that. Thanks..

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It won't be long and mowers will start coming into the shop and I'm sure I'll see one like yours soon. If you haven't figured it out, I will take pics.

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