what to do with a milk can?

ralfsmom(5)July 19, 2009

i have an old milk can but don't have a clue to make something out of it. any suggestions? ralfsmom

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I've seen a lamp made out of a milk can...and I've seen them used as stools...cut a wood circle the size of the top of the milk can, add a circle of foam and then staple fabric over the circle of wood before setting it into the top of the milk can.

I've also seen them used as is as umbrella holders in a front hallway.

How about a planter...find a pot that will fit in the top, plant both upright and trailing plants to it. You could spray paint it a favorite color if you want.

I saw one once used as a mailbox stand. They had cut a hole in the bottom of the milk can and put a post through it. Then, they dug a hole and put the post into the ground with the milk can over it...they filled the milk can about 2/3 full of concrete. More of the post stuck out the top of the can and the mailbox was added on top of the post (with spacing between the top of the milk can and the bottom of the mailbox). They drilled a couple holes in the back side of the can above the concrete line for drainage and filled the other 1/3 of the can with potting soil and planted petunias in it.

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I say paint it up and use it as a planter. I also have a milk can and plan on painting it one of these days.

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mayme(West MI Z 5)

I have one with a decorated bowling ball in
it. One holds a pot saucer bird bath. I have a couple on the porch I set big pots of plants on.

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

I must have half a dozen or more around my property.I thought of mosaic on them. Then I thought of painting a scene on them. But Really I discvered I like them bestin a soft sage color mixed with birdhouses and other pieces of a vignette. I do have one in red that I add to Fall decor with leaves and scarecrows.

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spedigrees z4VT

If I had a dollar for every milk can in my state serving as a mailbox holder, I'd be rich. Probably because Vermont is (or used to be at least) a dairy state.

I see a lot of them on front porches too, just sitting by the door, singly or in pairs to either side of the door.

Personally I'm a big fan of unpainted galvanized metal items in the garden. I love old buckets and washtubs and the like, used as planters. I don't have any yet in my gardens, but I've been admiring them in other people's gardens.

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I would love to find an old rusty milk can. OR without rust. They are still too expensive in these parts.

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soinspired(6 (Central IN))

I just had an old milk can transformed into a garden path light! I found a gentleman locally who takes milk cans and cuts out patterns in them and wires them up for lights. I had him cut ferns on mine. He also painted it a rustic copper color and wired it up for me. He also painted the bottom half inside a soft yellow and the upper half a light blue. Have it sitting by the back door sidewalk. And, the light shines down the walkway. I just love it. Very unique and a big change from its previous blue with an eagle stenciled on it.

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If you cut a heart or hole on one side flower shape and keep top off makes great little fire place for real wood :-) looks very cute n you can paint outside of it with paint used for ovens or for high heat

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