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yardmartyrMay 25, 2011

The front lawn has a few patches of clover. If I use a nitrogen-rich fertilizer can I expect those patches to eventually disappear? Or will I just be fertilizing the clover? (I was considering using Scott's family-friendly Green Max since it has a 22-2-2 mix.)

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No, that won't help. Use Weed B Gone Clover, Chickweed and Oxalis killer in a tank sprayer. Spray the areas of clover. You might have to repeat the process in a week or two, but it will kill just the clover, not the grass if you follow the directions on the label.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Dutch white clover (the one with the marble sized white flowers) is a symptom of poor soil but improving the soil does not always cure the symptom. Clover is special because it brings nitrogen from the air into the soil. When you have a clover lawn, you do not need to fertilize it for it to look nice (as nice as clover can look).

There are many plants which look like clover leaves but do not have the white flowers. Those are not clover.

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