granular weed killer

dbags(z6 CT)May 3, 2009

does anyone know if there are any granular,broadleaf weedkillers available out there? what i mean is a weedkiller without fertilizer.all the big-box stores all carry weed and feed ,but at this time my lawn doesnt require any fertizer.the area in question is too large to use a spray.last summer i was ill and wasnt able to keep up with things and the lawn became infested with clover,dandelions..etc...just last week,my daughters helpful (?)b/f decided he would help me out and spread fertilzer around,now the grass,AND the weeds are taking off.usaully i am right on top of things and am able to control weeds by spot spraying,but this is too overwhelming a task.

my plan is to use a granular weed killer with no fertilizer,if thats possible,and then to return to my normal schedule with the lawn....anyway..has anyone ever heard of a granular weedkiller without he fertilizer?

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billhill(z5 MI - KBG)

dgags, I don't know of any commonly available granulated weed killers without fertilizer. If you have or could get a water hose that can reach the weed infested areas, then you could use a hose end sprayer. They are relatively cheap and put a lot of weed killer down really fast.
Bill Hill

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