Wierd Almost Black looking spots in Bermuda Lawn

toprankMay 29, 2009

My next door neighbor has some strange almost look like someone spilled Oil in his lawn patches that have crept into my yard. Anyone know what this is? I dont have pics but if you poured 2 cups of motor oil in each spot that is what it reminds me of. Thanks, for any help.

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Sounds exactly like what I had on my St. A. After a day or two, does it dry to a fuzzy-looking dark gray?

I assumed it was fungal, sprayed it with an Ortho fungicide (not sure what kind, but it came in a hose-end sprayer,) and it was gone in 3 or 4 days. I'm still not sure what it was.

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Could be pythium blight which is also known as grease spot. Usually in the morning you would see what looks like fine spider webs in the grass with pythium.

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It is Grease Spot aka Pythium Blight. Get control of it or it will wipe out your lawn. How are you watering?

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