self propelled lawn mower issues.

mkontaxMarch 8, 2013

The differential failed on my low end self propelled lawn mower prematurely. I took the transmission apart and found plastic inside that simply would not hold up. I would suggest to not buy a lower end self propelled lawn mower for this reason. I am not sure what price point is required to get quality but it is not in the 300 to 400 range that many home centers sell these units at. The transmission replacement costs 85.00 after searching for rock bottom prices. I do not know how much a shop would charge to replace one but I would guess the repair costs are not worth the repair. I will never buy another one like this. I sure miss my lawn boy from the 70;s ........By the way, I plan to engage the drive from now on with pressure off the front wheels (front wheel drive) and hopefully this will extend the life of this differential.

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Never heard of that brand!
Your post could be somewhat meaningful if you stated WHAT mower you bought and how many hours it had.

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I'm willing to bet it's a Toro, personal pace, front wheel drive, the lowest of the low.

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lets role here to get the idea which brand is best suite for u and take a very good discount.Save some of ,luck :)

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I will never buy anything buy a full commercial self propelled 21" mower. In fact, I just bought a Toro 22195 - $1200. I'm just a homeowner but like you said I'm sick of the $450 self propelled junk. Now for a true push mower with no drive, a $200 piece from Sears is perfectly fine - really not a whole lot to go wrong on them and you can usually get at least 5-10 years out of one as a backup mower or mowing in tight spots, but as far as self propelled mower, im willing to spend $1200 on the Toro knowing it will last me decades and knowing its actually a mower worth spending money on repairing if it ever needs to be.

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$85 seems high, my 2 year old Toro trans is only $46. BTW it has plastic trans gears.

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