Weed Killer For A Floratam Lawn...HELP!

aveo5May 5, 2012

Ok, I have looked over a few posts about this topic, and dont see an answer, so I am asking about it. I am sorry if it is a repeat question. It SEEMS my lawn must have HAD a lot of Floratam in it, since most of my lawn died after spraying it with Ortho Weed B Gone, that is suppose to be safe for St.Augustine lawns, EXCEPT Floratam. Some didn't die, but the the weeds fill in the dead spots. So now I have every weed south Fla. can grow in my lawn. What product can be sprayed on a St.Augustine lawn that has Floratam in it? This is the stupidest type of St.Augustine they ever developed, You cant spray anything on it for weeds. Didnt they think weeds would come for Floratam? It gets weeds as fast as the 'old' St.Augsutine. So way develop it?

I dont care if my yard smells of chemicals, burns my feet when I step on it, or makes my house turn blue after I spray my yard. I have to find what can be sprayed on this damn Floratam to kill weeds. I dont know the names of them. Just imagine all weeds in south Fla. I am in Ft.Laud. It is already hot, and I hate to use weedkiller in the heat, but after using the Ortho in the winter, and loosing 75% of my lawn, I now have 75% weeds! What brand of weed killer can be sprayed on this Floratam and not kill the last of it, or the last of my 'old' St.Augustine? HELP!!!

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I have Floratam - mid Florida. My initial Spring shot at the weeds is with Scotts Bonus S. - my first appplication of fertilizer. Later I use "Image for St. Augustine Grass and Centipedegrass with Atrazine." It requires several days for the weeds to go away but it has been pretty effective. Some weeds like Dollarweed do not completely go away but the Image helps to control it. Big box stores such as Home Depot have it. You should read the label - open up the sticky thing on the back to get to see all of it.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Did you use something like this weed killer with atrazine?

Some labels mention Floratam. This one does not. Not sure if it an old label or not.

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