Earthwise/Homelite cordless mower?

ericasj(6B-7 NJ)March 31, 2008

Does anyone have experience with the Earthwise cordless mower model 60020? Supposedly, the same mower is sold at Home Depot under the Homelite brand.

I've read some great reviews and some awful ones. For $300+ I don't want to buy a lemon!

Any problems with switches, wiring, etc? Neither DH or I are handy enough with electrical stuff to work on it ourselves, as some reviewers said they had to do. How much do you need to baby the battery so it lasts as long as it should? (Charging habits, storage conditions, etc.)

Also is the weight a problem? You are free of a heavy extension cord, but I see the mower itself weighs 100 pounds.

Thanks for any advice.

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No PE on this one. A few things to consider tho. I have cut with the other battery models. (Toro and B&D) If I recall, they were about 60 #s or so. They did what they were supposed to do. In general, they tend to do things to conserve power on the electrics that makes them a someone different animal to use. Lower lift blades mean less grass gets in the bag and quality of cut usually a little lacking over a gas powered wpm. I would think 100#s would be a lot. The heaviest gas walk behind I've ever used was about that weight and wouldn't be a happy thing to use without the power drive.
I like the idea of a cordless electric mower. Lawns do tend to be a different playing field than in the showroom. At least take one for a test cut (or buy from someone with an easy return policy.) Hopefully you would find it easy to and that it performs as you would expect. I would ask about battery cost. If you are wise on maintenance on similar products, a cost of a battery every few years is likely less expensive than up-keep on a gas walk behind. I have heard positive things also about the Neutron from customers.
Be sure to post what you found.

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I bought the Homelite cordless at Home Depot a couple of weeks ago, Here in Canada, on sale for $249. Before purchasing I called Homelites 800# to check on the replacement battery cost and it's $96 USD.
Yesterday was the first time I used it and it did a good job, was in mulching mode and the grass wasn't too long. Moms yard isn't that big, the front is about 40 x 50 and the back about the same.
Weightwise it is bordering on hefty though I'm fine with it. Folks of limited strength who could manage say a regular electric mower may have trouble manouvering it moreso than straight pushing it.
Pleasant to use overall being as quiet as it is. A few people walking by actually stopped to admire and ask question about it, the quietness was what struck them.
So hopefully the battery will last at least 3 years before needing replacement and I'll be happy.

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Just an update. Last week I went to use the Homelite and for some reason it wouldn't run. The battery was fully charged. I'm guessing the switch was faulty. Anyways I put it in the truck and took it back to Home Depot and exchanged it for another one. Fingers crossed because I really like this lawnmower

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We should all do our part to save the enviroment and encourage the growth of the solar and wind power industries. Cordless electric lawn mowers go a long ways towards these goals. I recently purchased the Black & Decker Cordless Electric Lawnmower the CMM1200. I hope my review will help you make a decision about our future.

Here is a link that might be useful: Black & Decker CMM1200 Cordless Mower Review

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I have had problems with the battery charger. Homelite from Home Depot. This is the second one that failed and I cannot find a supplier. The few times that I have used it were up to expectations on a medium lawn. Really enjoy not spending my energy and back pulling the starter cord. Has anyone found a new charger?

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We bought a cordless Earthwise lawn mower in 2008 and it worked very well that summer. With our old gas mower it took 2 and a half hours to cut our large lawn and boulevard. With the Earthwise it took 2 hours - we were pleased. Last year, it needed a new battery (just out of warranty), and even with the new battery it took 2 days to cut the lawn, having to recharge it overnight in order to finish the job. This summer, it needed a new switch and wiring, and sat in the repair shop for 3 weeks waiting for Earthwise to send the parts. Now, it takes three days to cut the same lawn, having to recharge it overnight twice. I am all for environmentally-correct tools, but aside from needing three days to do a two hour job, we are using so much electricity to keep this mower going that I think a new low-emission gas mower is better for the environment, to say nothing about my enjoyment of the summer. Do I recommend the Earthwise cordless electric lawn mower? NO! I can't even give it away, I think it is such a terrible piece of equipment, so it may end up in the landfill, making things even worse for the environment. Earthwise - you have a lot to answer for!

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I'm not imprssed with the mowing ability of any battery powered machines. Corded electrics are somewhat better, but they are still quite a bit slower than a decent gas powered mower. Neither of the electric models is particularly "green" unless you are generating power from a local wind turbine or solar cell.

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canguy(British Columbia)

Unfortunately, Homelite does not support the cordless mowers, they are built by American Reel and badged as Homelite for Home Depot.For all I know, A/R may be importing them.Parts and service appear to be non existent.

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"I would think 100#s would be a lot."
Not if you're 25 years old and in great shape. YMMV.

"With our old gas mower it took 2 and a half hours to cut our large lawn and boulevard. With the Earthwise it took 2 hours"
This doesn't make any sense at all.

"Moms yard isn't that big, the front is about 40 x 50 and the back about the same."
40 x 50 what? Feet, yards, meters? If it's 40 x 50 feet times 2, you should be to mow that with anything in less than 1/2 hour.

"We should all do our part to save the enviroment and encourage the growth of the solar and wind power industries."
So what? The electricity most people use is generated by burning coal or oil or from nuclear power.

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Earth wise mowers are at their infancy stage.
battery charge last about one year then you have to hunt a retailer store to purchase a replacement.
my recomendation:

DO ..NOT.. BUY.. NOW..

hopefully Earth wise people are wise enough to improve their product, but you know ........$$$$$$$ that is what matters to them.........anyway!!

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