Before & After 'Shroom Birdbath' Vignette in the Pines

jeannespinesAugust 25, 2011

On Sun. I posted a few pics of "A Little Garden Junk..."'s the before pic of the 'Shroom Birdbath that I got for $20:

I got it painted today ... I used Rusteoleum spray paints in 3 colors & am happy w/the time can work away at the paints:

It's very heavy so DH had to help me lift the top back on again! LOL! (this is a permanent location now!)

I worked w/some stumps of wood I had out there & added a couple of the cement 'shrooms DH & I have been creating for Farmer's Mrkt. And note, there are real mushrooms on the logs, too!

Added a few Curly Willow sticks around the birdhse post ...this is still a WIP...

In this Secret Garden area I can sit in my swing in the Pines & look across at the birdhouses & this 'Shroom. Here's my dog taking a break w/me in the swing...ckg. out the 'Shroom vignette!

Kind of hot & humid today ...but now some cool air has moved in again late this afternoon. TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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Dog is so cute & I think I can read his/her mind."What's she going to do next!" Love the dog's expression, but hey, 1 more place to explore & maybe some birds will visit that lovely birdbath & he can lazily ?(is that a word?) watch them. The curly willow are neat & can't wait to see the finished vignette! Jan

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Wonderful, Jeanne. I really like the paint job on the birdbath! Wish I could join you and your dog in the swing.

hugs, Karen

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What a lovely area, and the real mushrooms make it all coordinate so nicely. I love the colors you chose for the birdbath, it brightened it up and blends in all at the same time.

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Looks great!!!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Wonderful secret garden. Great color choices on the mushroom which I am now even more jealous of.

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Jeanne...Everything is wonderful. I would love to live in an area like yours. It looks so peaceful. Guess I'll just keep enjoying your pictures. Thanks for sharing.


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Marlene Kindred

Looks like it's always been there peaceful! Love the way the Shroom turned out...great painting skills there.

Doggy looks very happy to be there with you as well.

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That looks so "fantasy like " . Simply awesome !!!

PS - Love your dog :)

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