how do you paint inside a bottle?

joannpalmyraAugust 29, 2008

I poured some indoor/outdoor acrylic craft paint for glass and ceramics into a clean, dry bottle, then swirled it around until the inside was coated. It looked great! A little while later most of the paint had settled to the bottom. So I rotated the bottle several times over the next few hours, hoping a few coats would do the job. This morning I found all 4 bottles I had done were just barely tinted - they look dirty rather than bright and colorful.

Is there a trick to this?

I want to make some bottle bugs. The paint I used is glow in the dark green, yellow and pink.

Woulda looked kinda cool. :-/


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nanagrandma(9 SouthWest, Calif)

I wish I could help you because I want to make a bottle tree with colorful bottles and I decided I would paint them. I am sure someone will help us. Some JUnker made a bottle tree and she said she painted the bottles I'll try and find her post.


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I've used both fingernail polish and acrylics inside bottles with no problem. I use regular craft acrylics. I swirl it like you did then turn them upside down to drain off excess. Then I turn them upright to let them finish drying. I thinned the paint on one that I did recently and it caused some of the paint to come off, but it came off in a pretty pattern, it was OK, too. I'm not sure what caused your problem. Maybe the paint was too thin. Maybe try a thicker paint in the same color in your 'dirty' bottles????

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kelly_oh(OH z6)

hmmm, I took some glow in the dark paint and painted the inside of a small bowl, hoping that if it was out in the sun, it would glow at night - I thought I had made a HUGE discovery in lighting up totems *sigh* not so much - it doesn't glow at all, but I did notice that the paint didn't cover as well as say, fingernail polish. It mostly came out streaked, not covering the whole like I thought it would. I just figured it was the type of paint and since it isn't glowing, I got mad at it and left it be. I think that the glow in the darks aren't supposed to be very visible in the day/light. I'd try some other regular colored paint in one of the bottles and see what happens.

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The paints I used are pretty old, so maybe that is why they aren't sticking. I didn't really care if they glowed in the dark, but it would have been neat. It's also day-glo neon, so I thought they'd make fun bottle bug colors.
With the huge variety of nail polish colors these days, I'm sure I'll find similar shades. I wonder how much I'll need. 3 of the 4 bottles I've started are Good Seasons salad dressing cruets (LOL) so not real big.

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Check out Martha Stewart's web site, she did a project painting the inside of the bottles. Paint does have a shelf life. You wouldn't think so but it does. If painting the inside doesn't work, go for painting the outside. Acrylic paints don't stick to glass very well and there is a "glass medium" made by Folk Art Paints that you can use to coat the inside of the bottle first. (For painting on the outside of glass, you brush it on and let it dry overnight and then acrylic paint will stick to it.) Check out "Donna Dewberry's Painting on Glass" books at the craft stores or Walmart. In the beginning of the book she explains about glass painting - her trick is to use "enamel paint" which sticks to the glass very well. I'd painted on windows using it and still have to go two or three coats to get a good build up of the paint for what I was making. Also, enamel paint is made to withstand the outdoor elements and you don't need a sealant with it. However, if you want to use a sealant (on the acrylic or the enamel paints), get one that is for outdoors. Check in the decorative paint section at Michael's.

I think your glow in the dark bugs would be awesome. Hope your project works and hope you'll share pics with us.


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takmiagilbert(Zone 6)

I believe I am the Bottle Tree Junker refered to in an earlier post. I spray painted with plain spray paint inside and outside. Inside: sprayed inside bottle and swirled around until coated, not too thinck. laid on side on ground and rolled it about every 5 min or so, then dumped out excess paint. let dry about 15-20 min. Light colors do better on the outside. Outside: stuck a stick in the ground and put bottle on it then painted away. let dry, didn't take that long (15-20 min). then placed on tree. Check out my post "Bottle Tree". Hope this helps you guys out.

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1. Google "traffic latex paint".

2. Latex ceiling paint does not flow that much.

3. Two-part epoxy based paint does not require evaporation to cure.

4. Lacquer based paint dries the fastest.

5. Try heating the bottle in very hot (not boiling)water to accelerate drying.

6. You can get glass beads to thicken the paint and to significantly improve reflectivity. (Traffic divider strips).


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nanagrandma(9 SouthWest, Calif)

I really really want to try this. I did paint some bottles for my bottle tree with enamel paint, didn't know if it would work or not or if it will last; but it looks purty!!

Robert thank you so much for the websites for glass painting lots of good info there!

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I just use acrylic paint,pour it in,swirl it around to coat it on all sides,unless yu want to use more than 1 color.If so just leave some places paint free.Turn upside down and let excess drain out,til there are no more drips,then add next color and do the same."NOTE" if you try to use too many colors it will get muddy looking.
I've done tons of the glass xmas ornaments this way,and they're great.Also did a few bottles,have a chocolate milk and a white milk on top of my kitchen cabinets and they are several years old and still look good.

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