Shoes, Colanders, & Hens & Chicks

kirkus(5a)August 15, 2010

My wife Carol and I found these colanders at a recent estate sale. One was 25 cents and the other was free. We were inspired by Jules' plantings of Hens & Chicks in enamelware pots and came up with this. :o)

I found this antler in our woods. :o)

These shoes were old shoes of mine...

I have planted every family member's shoes... (Better hide your shoes around me! LOL) Here are some planted shoes in our Hens & Chicks garden and some on the porch... ENJOY! Bear Hugs! Kirk

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Crafty Gardener(ON 5b)

wonderful plantings, I also plant hens and chicks in shoes, boots and all kinds of containers.

Here is a link that might be useful: hens & chicks

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love the shoes!! I've started collecting them and arranging them around one of our large trees for a "shoe tree"....guess I have to take pix!

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Marlene Kindred

These are just wonderful Kirk! LOVE the idea of planting in everyone's shoes! Very pretty hens and chicks too...they look so healthy.

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Way to cute.....looks like the choice of hens and chicks is perfect. Thanks for sharing. Got me to thinking about the pile in the garage sale box..... they would be worth more to me planted and enjoying them than selling them for a quarter!

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))


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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Very nice and so cute.

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sorie6(6b ok.)

I planted DH work boots.(he retired :) ) I put petunias in them. Came out cute too.
How long has your H&C been in the shoes? They do look very healthy. TFS.

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Awe Kirk, you are so sweet! Yep, those H & C's really produce quickly! I use the succulent soil so I don't murder mine. I had to re-do my old dictaphone horn out in my garden. The H & C's were looking aweful the last couple of years. I took it apart, stuffed the bottom with rocks and put the right kind of soil in there. Right now they are slow going but I'm sure by next spring it will be incredible. I stuck a orphaned hot pink barbie doll leg in mine. It sticks straight up from the soil! found it in the school parking lot! Ha!
Oh, and BTW I may be making a trip to USPS Monday morning. :-) So be on the lookout!
Love, Jules

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Oh, I am lovin' those "little people" boots by "big people" boots on the porch! Hen & Chicks must love the fertilizer! TFS your "boot-y!" Jeanne S.
p.s. Colanders looks good, too, & excellent drainage!

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Those are all so cool!!!!

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Beware! All visitors to Kirk's" hang on to your boots"! Very nice to have a whole family of boots!! Should be some very tiny boots one of these days! How is that GB doing must be getting big by now! How is it being a grandpa & Carol grandma? They are very healthy looking plants. I just plant everything in dirt, they tend to kick- off in planter mixes. Jan

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Thanks everyone for the nice compliments! The shoes in our Hens & Chicks garden have been there for well over 9 years. My shoes were planted 5 years ago. The other 2 were just planted. We love Hens & Chicks.

Jules, Love the Barbie leg story!!! LOL You are tooooo kind to send a package!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're the BEST!!!!

Jan, We have yet to meet our granddaughter (1 1/2 yrs. old) as our son is stationed in Italy in the Army. It's hard to believe our 3 year old is an uncle! Our 20 year old daughter is flying to Italy for Christmas. Wish Carol could go but she hates flying. They'll be home in a year and a half.

Crftygardener, I love your creations with Hens & Chicks!!!

Thanks again everyone! Bear Hugs! Kirk

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I love hens and chicks and i love them in the shoes and colanders. The little shoes are just adorable, too precious to not keep them.

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Kirk... they look GREAT!!!

Jules... thank you for the heads up. As I was drooling over Kirk's pics I was thinking about how embarrassing it is for me that I just about killed most of my H&C and now I know it must be b/c the soil is too rich. Must change the soil.

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Kirk, you and Carol are so darn creative! I love the "family" boots of hens and chicks. The colanders look great too. Love the one with the found antlers by it. Looks like a picture in a magazine. Keep those pictures coming!

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I think mine were overwatered (if there can be such a thing!) because for the last 2 yrs. they were a pale green. Also the shape of the horn lent itself to holding water in the bottom. AND of course it was the wrong soil. So, I'm hoping this one does well. It's just a matter of time. I have some in a clay pot as part of my tipsy pot set up. It get regular water a few drips at a time and is flourishing! That one even had a long cluster of flowers this spring!...

Ok, gotta run.
Love, Jules

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9bark(6 semi-desert)

Wow! So awesome! I will definitely have to do this with a pair of old boots! I would maybe try this out with some sedums aswell. Fantastic post!!

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Thanks 9bark for bumping this up. It reminded me to get out some old metal colanders I bought to make planters out of!

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