Should I repaint; re-glaze window frame?

ericagoebel(z10 CA)August 10, 2010

I have stripped the paint off an old, 9-pane window frame that's about 3' x 3'. I plan to hang it outside, against a wall of my house, right above a chest of drawers that I use to store garden supplies. Just a little of the old original green paint still stains the window frame, the rest is bare wood. I like the old, exposed wood look.

My questions are: Should I re-glaze the glass panes? (Squeeze the putty-like, white goo that seals the glass to the wood muntins) If I don't, the new glazing pins are visible.

Should I paint the window with primer, an undercoat, and then top coat and faux finish the frame to look old?

Should I just paint clear coat of something over the wood?

I live in California, so it will be exposed to limited moisture and some sun where it will hang.


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I would re-glaze the glass panes. If you like the look it has, just clear coat the frame.
Under the eaves, it should last a long time.
I haven't noticed your name before, so WELCOME to garden junk. Please note that we have a conversations side, too.

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If you caulk the panes, you will most likely have to paint it because it will really stand out. If you like it natural, then I would just extra glazing points and seal it.

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Marlene Kindred

Welcome to our junkyard Erica! Glad to have you here. I'm with Nona....I would reglaze the panes, but if you like the look of the wood and old paint, then I would just put a good coat of clear finish on it. Post a picture of your project if you can....we love to see what folks are doing!

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Use clear silicone to re-glaze----

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I agree, I'd reglaze them. I think the natural wood with a touch of the old green paint over it would look great. Personally? I'd just put a polyurethane sealer on it and call it a day. That would protect the wood and prevent the paint from peeling/chipping. I bet your window looks very cool. I'd love to see a picture of it!

And welcome to a great forum, erica!

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No, no, no, no!
Why would you want to take an old window and give it a treatment to "look" old? No new putty either; if the new points are the problem paint them; the points should be easy to disguise.

"I'd just put a polyurethane sealer on it and call it a day" yes, me too.

Welcome aboard.

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