More Iron Finds

kirkus(5a)August 24, 2010

I found these iron finds at my favorite country thrift store. The owner knows me well and let me look in his van before he even unloaded things for the shop! :o)

This is a heavy, little sheep. Placed it on my potting bench.

This is an iron bracket I used for hanging a cement bunny. My wife and I bought the bunny the year we were married. Looks whimsical. :o)

These are 2 iron fence pieces. I got a great deal on them. I placed them at the corner of a garden. The owner said he had more. Hmmmmmm... I love these and the rusticness of them!

This is my favorite. A rustic decoration with a garden theme! Haven't decided where to place it yet. It's about a foot and a half long. I hosed it down so you could see all of the details on it. It is more rustic than it appears in the picture.

Had to share my recent treasures. Now, my wife Carol says that I need to stay away from my favorite thrift store for awhile so I don't spend so much money! LOL Bear Hugs! Kirk

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I love those caste iron figures like your sheep. I have a bunny, a birdbath with 2 birds and a little bird. Your swingin' bunny looks so adorable on that cool bracket and I like your rusty fence too. I hope you are able to get more pieces before Carol sews your wallet shut. lol I really like that rusty plaque too. All wonderful finds!

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Wow, I would love that store too! That little sheep is soooo special. The bracket, the plaque, everything is nice.

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I LOVE your little sheep! I've developed quite a fondness for white painted rusty stuff. The hanging hook is very cool too. I envy you with your little country junk shop!

Here is a link that might be useful: My blog

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Kirk...I love the cast iron sheep...looks great sitting on your potting table! That bracket is perfect for your memorable bunny! Love it! And that long rustic garden decor thing-y would look great just leaning against an old wooden box that you have planted with something...maybe on your deck with your veggie a spot there for it? I have a smaller one & lean it against an old box I have planted out in the bird arbor with a red Fountain grass & peppermint.

But, boy, did you score with that iron fence! It's rustic look fits right in that garden with your deck! Must be a great store! TFS! Jeanne S.

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

Really cool stuff THAT LAMB is super wonderful!

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bverste(zone 5)

I loved it all, but ESPECIALLY the rabbit on the swing. He looked like he was enjoying the ride! Lucky lucky u. Bev

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Does the sheep/ram have any holes under his belly, I wonder if he used to advertise a sheep farm & be on top of a roof?? Love him whatever he is & the fencing is wonderful, old English Gardens come to mind! I have a rabbit on a swing too but he has a big carrot. DD gave him to me. Great store!! I would be broke!! Jan

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Marlene Kindred

Ok, it's official....I AM JEALOUS! I can't believe all of the great pieces of ironwork that you find my friend! WOW!!!!! Love them all....I have GOT to come to Washington and we have GOT to go shopping!

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wonderful treasures, I love the garden sign best, think that one would end up in my house to see all winter....Yea Sept 1 is almost here... enjoy while you can...

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WOW,what great pieces,my favorite is the last one.Good haul!!TFS

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What fantastic finds! I'd want to camp out at that shop, and the owner sounds like a good person to know! :o)
Everything is wonderful, and once I drug my eyes off the darling swinging bunny, I went nuts over the fence. It looks great in that spot. I'd be buying all he had!

Congratulations on all your treasures!
hugs, Karen

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What a great find. I simply have to get out more.

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WOW...such great finds it all but my fave is the swinging bunny. Keep that treasure hunt going!!!

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spedigrees z4VT

Those are some great finds, Kirk! I love rustic wrought iron and cast iron too. The fence is really lovely. Remonds me of all the beautiful antique wrought iron work in Boston.

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spedigrees z4VT

Last sentence was supposed to begin "Reminds ..." (I wish these forums had an 'edit' feature.)

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Absolutely LOVE your rusty and rustic finds! The plaque looks like chocolate. I want to go to your thrift store.

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shpnquen(z5, IN)

I'm not typically into the cutesy garden decor, but I would steal that bunny on the swing in a heartbeat!! I love the expression on it's little face & it's so cool to have him attached to an awesome bracket!

I just have to ask if you've gone back to get the rest of the fencing, haven't you???? I don't know that I could have left there without ALL of it!

You'll have to learn the age old wife trick of hiding your finds for a while & then bringing them out later & just telling her you've had them for a while. ;-) I'm sure your wife enjoys your hobby though. How could she not? You're so clever with your finds.

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Kirk - I LOVE that bunny on a swing!

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susie_gardener_2007(OK 7)

I love iron stuff too. You have some great finds. I especially like the fence.

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

Kirkus you have excellent taste in junk. Love your and Carols happy little bunny. Nice hanger. Nice fence. Really nice sheep.
I envy your rocks. We just don't have rocks like that here. :) Donna

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