Too late for Crab grass for preventive?

pcthompsonMay 4, 2014

I lost quite a bit of lawn last summer to drought. I aerated and reseeded in February, but I did not have much success, so I went back and hand tilled the bare patches and reseeded. Everything is looking great, but some seed is still germinating ( but not much). Anyway, I did not put down any crab grass preventive. Is it too late? Should I use a hose end sprayer product? Should I just do my Spring weed and feed. Appreciate any advice. I think I want to wait until next weekend, so the new grass can get more firmly established.

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andy10917(NY 6a)

You aerated and reseeded in Febraury in Central Illinois?

Pre-M's vary in how long they can be added after seeding, from Mesotrione (which can be used at any time) to Prodiamine that shouldn't be applied until the grass is 60 days old.

That all said, if the Forsythia have completed blooming in your area, then a Pre-M is only going to be partially (or not at all) effective.

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