Fast Growing Light Green "Grass"

nyjeffMay 5, 2014

Anyone know what type of grass this is and if I should try to remove it? I'm located in southern NY and had a large portion of my yard scraped and seeded last July. It looked fine all late summer and fall and now that it's spring, I have a LOT of this tall. very light green grass growing ONLY where the landscaper re seeded. It's no where else on my lawn and I don't know if it's something that should be killed and re seeded or if it'll look ok once I start mowing. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Someone on another forum chimed in that it may be nutsedge, but being that it's still chilly and only early May, I'm pretty sure that's not true (as nutsedge, from what I'm told, grows in 80+ temps in July/August).

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Looks like annual Ryegrass, if so, it will die on its own in the next few weeks.

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andy10917(NY 6a)

Did the landscaper use a cheap "Contractors Mix" or "Quick-Cover Mix" for the seeding? Many of those mixes include Annual Ryegrass deliberately. Now you know why that can be a bad idea.

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Thanks for the info. The landscaper said he used premium grass seed, though didn't see the bag. He's done a lot of work around here and I've never had an issue like this.

He first laid down 30 yards of (what he said was) premium top soil, then used starter fertilizer, then seed and covered with straw. Is it possible that the straw was contaminated with these seeds? Is annual ryegrass the same as orchard grass?

I'm concerned because he just scraped and seeded a 1/4 acre to expand my lawn which is now just germinating. I'm hoping I dont have this same stuff all over that new area too.

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Is it Annual ryegrass or perennial ryegrass? He said he uses a mixture with perennial. Is there a difference in how the grass looks between perennial and annual?

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